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Found 5 results

  1. What is your favorite anime? Mine is Roosterteeth's RWBY I love it soooo much!!!
  2. Hey folks, I checked to see if there was another thread about this but could only find one with a sad 4 posts. I was interested in what everyones favorite prisoner heads are! I know its difficult to choose just one (at least for me it is) so I think it would be easiest to just name one, two or a few from each category. Prisoner Chart for reference: I'll start. Circle Head: Eyeball, Mustached Gentleman Square Head: Heart Glasses 4 life! Honorable mention to the upset looking fellow to his right (er, I guess it's left on the chart). It's fun to switch back and forth between those two guys to show some emotion Triangle Head: Ice Cream Sundae, Wannabe King (or the true king?!?!?) Cylinder Head: Big Lips Cyclops, Floating Brain guy Star Head: Snail, Gerard, Tiny Cyclops. That was tough.