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Found 3 results

  1. So as the tittle sorta implies You create a scene and things happen according to alphabetical order. Example: Scene Bank/ Starting letter T The blah blah (I realized I am pretty bad at my own game) and from there someone else adds to the story until there is a end and somebody makes another scene.(that people can agree upon) My idea is that a story of sorts will play out that is interesting.
  2. The game is simple, the first commenter starts at 1, and can count to a maximum of 3 numbers in one post, the next person starts at whatever number the last person left off on and can count to a maximum of 3 numbers at a time, and this keeps going until someone says 10 or higher, in witch case the game will reset. The person who says 10 or higher will explode and be the loser of the day and everyone will look back on his losing of this forum game and say "Man thats a guy I don't want to hang out with" and walk away, but he will also start the next game. Example game: DudeGuy565: 1 2 MrBreeze: 3 4 5 xXSnIpEzXx: 6 IMPOSSABLANK: 7 8 9 LoserMcSadFace256: 10, dang I lost, I will now start the next game, 1 2 3 ok you get the point have fun, just dont be a rule breaker.
  3. Here's the rules, someone says something they can do, then the next person says how they can do it better, then the next person says how they can do it better than that guy, and so on. Example: YoloSwagger: I can count to ten xXMLJEXx: I can count to ten while riding a bike PersonDude69: I can count to ten while standing on a moving bike. LazyName123: I can do a backflip while standing on a moving bike while eating Pringles. Alright you get it, I'll start. I can drink food.