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Found 6 results

  1. Heeeello all you beautiful playlist creators, theatergoers, and catsmackers! And welcome to the Furbottom's Feature section of the forum! PURPOSE OF THIS FORUM The Behemoth will make a new thread in this forum section every time one of our three Featured sections are updated with a NEW set playlists: Featured Arena -- Get there in-game by playing: Arena > Feature Solo Furbottom's Feature -- Get there in game by playing alone: Furbottom's Feature > Feature Coop Furbottom's Feature -- Get there in-game by playing with a friend online or locally: Furbottom's Feature > Feature Use this forum to keep abreast (teehee -- I said "abreast") of changes. You can also comment on the threads to congratulate your fellow playlist creators on levels well -- er, created! Only The Behemoth can make new threads in this forum, but everyone can comment on existing threads! UPDATE FREQUENCY & THREAD CONTENT The Behemoth will update this forum with a new thread as often as new Features are put up! We will also include the date each playlist is posted to Furbottom's Features. Once the playlist is happily return to the bosom of the regular Community Theater, we will add in the date it was removed from the Features and lock the thread. After a playlist is set back to normal, though, it's still searchable in our Community Theater in-game as a regular playlist -- so feel free to browse old, locked threads for suggestions on fun levels to play! GETTING YOUR PLAYLIST FEATURED We are actively looking for Arena and Story playlists made by YOU to Feature! If you want your playlist Featured, make sure you follow the guidelines outlined in this Dev Blog post: You can help bring your playlist to our attention (and the attention of other players!) by posting about it in our Playlist Promo section of the forums: That's about it -- we hope you enjoy playing the best of the best Community Theater playlists by hopping into Furbottom's Features!
  2. I think we should start a topic of all the different heads (characters) and weapons that we as a community have seen. We can post images, videos, or describe heads and weapons that we have seen at conventions like comic-con or PAX, or what we have seen on the Internet. I will start Weapons: Ice Cannon Dart Gun Boomerang Bouncy Ball Thing (that pops on contact.) Green toxic bubble gun Grenade Explosive frisbee Fan Electricity ball Fire ball Characters (heads) Airplane Square head with an open mouth Cyclops Pineapple Guy with a cat scratching at his head( yes this character always has a cat on his head, with little blood marks where the scratching was) Obviously the basic two eyes and a line mouth head Mustache head Clown Cardinal Rammy Rabbit Angry Faic (the boss health bar face) Ninja Cat Guy with the Monocle and Top Hat Mummy Skeleton Jimbo No Teeth (A character with no eyes and a large under-bite.) Football Player Fish head Some dude with a squid on his face A house (includes windows, a door, a rooftop, and I think a chimney) DJ headphones A mushroom cap (on top of the cylinder head) Some kind of astronaut/racer-esque helmet. It's a helmet with a visor. Breakfast face (Sunny-side up eggs for eyes and bacon for mouth, cylinder head) Square-head with a wide, open mouth. A chameleon-like head with an open mouth. A peasant-like round head. I saw a new rabbit and new cat head. A new pirate-like head (bearded with a bandana) Cylinder-shaped head Dog face Squiggly mouth circle head monster guy Plant Face and this guy I know I have missed a lot but if people could start saying what they have seen that would be great Try not to repeat ideas and TELL THE TRUTH! Lets keep it to weapons and head that we have proof of existing. No guesses, only facts from online or stated from an official behemoth employee.
  3. This thread is about your experiences with the forums. How did you find out about the forums? What was your first topic? How have you improved as a member? Are you enjoying it so far and so fourth. Here are my experiences. While searching for how to unlock star heads on google I found this website. It was a couple or more days after the Battle Block Theater beta just closed. I started to check the blog every day for new star heads. I knew there was a forums, but I didn't know what it was. I was and still am new to gaming websites, because I'm usually a console gamer and I never play on Steam, go on gaming websites, or other similarities. One day I looked on the forums and found out that it was a place to share thoughts on the game. I checked it once in a while to see what people had to say or for new info on The Behemoth games. Since I started checking the blog every day, and I started going on the forums a lot, I decided to make an account so I can talk on the forums too. It was and still is fun talking to some of the people here, and I was happy that no one disliked me, because I noticed that a lot of people really hate newcomers. It took along time before making my first topic, because I wanted it to be perfect and well thought out. I also wanted it to be a topic where people can share there opinions, not some trading topic or something that didn't make sense. This is what I came up with -> To some people, it may not seem that many people replied, but to me I was happy that those few people took the time to share there thoughts. I was also happy that no one argued. Since then, nothing really exciting happened and now I'm just a regular member. I come on for a little every day to talk on the forums and check the blog. I made this topic because I noticed the lack of topics that share people opinions and thoughts, rather then trading and arguments. I am very interested on how you joined and your experiences.
  4. The rules of the game are very simple: you just have to post those three things that you're afraid of. E.g.: 1. Death. 2. High altitude. 3. Spiders. Your turn.
  5. Hellooo again! Here is a new game I presenting on the forum, called: if someone knows a name say it then This is a game where you don't ask the question, but you begin with the awnser! It is not hard at all! example: This week awnser is: no, it's the new tiny little monkey-head prisoner! What you have to do is come up with a question, or a note or something like that. for this awnser would be a good question: Is that a 'monkey'control prisoner?! I know I know I am not the best at this game but I'll bet you guys are! So go ahead! Give it a try and maybe something hilarious pops out from time to time! Every week from now on I will come up with a awnser, and you guys give a question to it! If you have ideas for an awnser post them! pm me perhaps if you want to keep it a suprise! So for the first time evahr we start with the awnser that I used in the example: no, it's the new tiny little monkey-head prisoner! Good luck
  6. I was browsing around, and it came to my attention: the General Media Forum doesn't have an icon! Quick! Suggest something for The Behemoth to create and use as one! Or maybe, if you're feeling particularly artsy, make one for them. This thread wasn't put up by The Behemoth themselves, in all honesty, but I thought they might appreciate it. My idea was a small, slightly yellowed newspaper with a film reel either next to it, or slightly overlapping it.