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Found 32 results

  1. What is the new game going to be? When will it be released? One thing i hope behemoth gets right is their story, castle crashers was so funny and battle block was my life for a while, i hope they give the narrator for battlebock their own spin off
  2. Hello again, after much deliberation I have decided to do something more with my art, so I'm going to design a game. The purpose of this thread is to get your opinion during development to make it better. I'm looking to publish this on newgrounds, and it won't be perfect as it is my first game. I'll start with a level design sketch I did to start. The idea me and my pals have come up with is Jacob, a small boy, who stumbles upon a smoothie machine on a very hot day. The other kids are jealous however, and want a share in the delicious drink. It is your job to defend the mountain using a variety of weapons and upgrades. This sketch is of the mountain level.
  3. Hey guys! I have an xbox one and i just love this game, but my friends have a PC and we cant play together! So we want CASTLE CRASHERS to have crossplay, maybe even for ps4 !please BEHEMOTH... IF YOU WANT TOO SHARE THIS IDEA AND REPLY... thanks
  4. It's time to inject some life back into the Creationism section my dudes This is the Weekly Creation Challenge thread. This thread is meant for anyone who wants to exercise their creativity on a regular basis, no matter what your skill level is. Each week we're gonna have a subject matter, and you have to make something related to it. It can be a pencil doodle, a digital drawing, a song, a story, a game, or anything you want to make. Feel free to spend 5 minutes or 5 days on it, but post it here so everyone can check it out! I'll pick a new theme every Sunday at 10:00pm PST, and feel free to PM me with subject ideas if you have 'em. Make some cool stuff, give feedback and tips for other people if you want to, and have fun! (Forum rules apply!) The current subject is: --- Previous Subjects: October 10th, 2016: Robot Cat October 17th, 2016: Animal Wizards/Witches October 24th 2016: Your Favorite Pokemon October 31st 2016: Something you're afraid of November 7th 2016: Random Line November 14th 2016: Favorite Music ---BREAK--- December 11th 2016: ???
  5. Its is once again time to return to the lands of the Behemoth. Dan Paladins kingdom is still in trouble, and unfortunatly for us, his previous brave knights have gone missen. Can YOU step up to the challenge to become the knight that the Behemoth needs? Setting: Rules: Heroes: Current Stats: Mitsuo: Teddy Frogsworth: Leonard: That Dude over There: Xenia:
  6. So as the tittle sorta implies You create a scene and things happen according to alphabetical order. Example: Scene Bank/ Starting letter T The blah blah (I realized I am pretty bad at my own game) and from there someone else adds to the story until there is a end and somebody makes another scene.(that people can agree upon) My idea is that a story of sorts will play out that is interesting.
  7. Okay so the game is called The "Opposite" Game. The main idea is whatever is said the opposite is meant to the next player that posts but what the next player posts can effect what was said before to change it or add onto it or whatever they want to do with it until it sticks to someone when a player decides to or you can keep that one going. Example: Poster 1: Your home is in fine condition. --- So he means his home is in terrible condition. Poster 2: It is no longer standing but atleast my pets aren't healthy. --- So he meant it's still standing and his pets are healthy. Poster 1: I didn't come and not take down your home. --- So he meant he came and took down his home. Poster 3: A tornado didn't blow your houses away and end there. --- So he meant a tornado came and blew away both of their houses and also ending that conversation having the next poster start a new one. I see how this can be confusing I apologize but try giving it a shot it might end up interesting I will start us off easy Your school doesn't have school days on weekends.
  8. The Quote Game is easy. Just say something from a TV show, video game, or song. The person who guesses the quote from the TV show, video game, or song, gets to say another. Just don't say anything bad. (Cussing, drugs, etc.) I'll start. "I honestly never thought we would need to track how many times we died in the hub."
  9. WELCOME TO: THE FANFICTION GAME! Now that I have your attention, I'll explain. The "Players", anybody who posts a comment, will go to and pick out some of the options for the character that they are going to generate. This website has stuff from backstories to looks, although the required things are: A name. An appearance. A backstory. A sidekick. Yeah. That's how much you will need. From that point, you will want to draw out how your new OC looks. After that, find the generator that generates fanfictions on Generate the fanfiction, and throw in some random character(s) from a TV show, or movie, game, etc. Make your fanfiction as "great" and "amazing" as you can! Bee shore thatt their r nu typoes. Good luck!
  10. I play minecraft it's so cool and I drew this for minecraft.
  11. Welcome to The Description Game! (TDG) Playing is easy, it's the rules that are complicated. How to play 1. Find the last post author. (If you're the first poster, you can just do me.) 2. Find out if he posted a user name or an adjective. 3. YOU MUST quote the user. 4. If the user posted an adjective: Give a user name from the person that best fits the description. (If we run out of user names, we could use celebrities or something like that.) 5. If the user post a user name: Give one or more NON OFFENSIVE adjective(s) describing the user. Doesn't have to be one word. It could even be some random fact about them, like, "He likes aranjiz." 4. Post it, of course. 5. Continue the cycle. And that's how you play! Rules/Tips (Must be read before playing) 1. Do not describe anyone in an offensive or mean way, such as "This user is a loser", or anything like that. 2. Use adjectives that common to the average human, unless you include a definition. (Not many people are that smart.) 3. Please keep the descriptions short and as less detailed as possible, so we can work other users of them. 4. No inappropriate descriptions. 5. These are games, don't take anything seriously. 6. Don't know much about the user? Check some of his/her more recent posts, or use an obvious description. Remember: The more obvious, the better. Kudos to Revon for inspiring me with his "Leave a positive comment about the above user!" game. This is similar. Example: He likes FNAF. Gamefemale And so on.
  12. Who is your favorite user? It doesnt have to be a user or it could be someone on the forums you look up to... I'll start. I look up to Pocket since he's a cool guy and a fun & nice mod. *I wish we still had the thread where you type w/ your face but it got locked* fgghynjuhhhjukn vff7 feG4 V VC BBTFRFRTGUGFDDDF HYTRFD
  13. Hey guys its gizmo here with a fun little mini game for you guys to play. Basically everybody must choose one word (that makes sence) to continue a story for instance. P1: The P2: Scary P3: Mean P4: Green P5: Kittan :3 P6: machine. But the sorry can never end! So never use a full stop :3 Only post one a time and no startng new stories. Ok I'll start the story. The
  14. Anyone know of a release date? Please let me know!
  15. I am a huge fan of retro arcade, and you can be one to! Try out my game, Runner, (link below) it looks easy, seems easy, but is really hard! (Mainly because you only have 3 lives for the whole game!) You must stop the zombie apocalypse with a bear, an agency, and mushrooms. I made this game with "Spolder Arcade Maker!" Try it here:
  16. I was playing with a random person in story mode. When the host died a timer started, and when the timer went off, a shadow appeared on the screen and the level would reset. Does anybody know why this happened?
  17. UnscrambleMania is a game of word creation. You take a word and then use the letters of the word to make another word! The person who creates a new word gets to pick a different word for others to unscramble. Let me start. Calendar.
  18. Starting Image: What This Is: Take the picture ( the newest one) and add something but only ONE thing, add eyes add a mouth add ears change its color, add a shape, anything just build off each other! When you think it's done/completed make a new base shape! Also: do not remove something someone else has added, that's mean ):
  19. The rules of the game are very simple: you just have to post those three things that you're afraid of. E.g.: 1. Death. 2. High altitude. 3. Spiders. Your turn.
  20. alright, i dunno if this is gonna get shut down or something for encouraging stalkers or whatever, but here we go! try and guess/find out the country that the person above you is from, by means of their set time zone, Google/search engines, other [country here] only sites that they're registered on, etc. and say something to them in (what you think is) their native language. Have fun! EDIT: it just occurred to me that this will probably raise everyone's profile views a bit. just sayin. EDIT2: also, it would be better if everyone would say what time of day it is, making it easier to work out where you are by time zone. I.E. morning, noon, afternoon, midday, evening, night for me, as of writing this, it is morning
  21. Hi guys! I recently started doing weekly uploads for my channel, and a thing I'm starting to do is review some games! Last week, I reviewed BattleBlock Theater. It was my first ever review, so I'm going to improve even past this point, I know it. Anyways, here it is! Next review is gonna be Spelunky HD. I hope you enjoy it! (Also, I know you guys probably don't need a review by now, but it would be cool if you checked it out if you want.)
  22. So I'm not gonna go on a rant unless a staff member comments, but I got a cool idea for another game involving Honey Hug. I'll explain it if you guys want me to.
  23. Hellooo again! Here is a new game I presenting on the forum, called: if someone knows a name say it then This is a game where you don't ask the question, but you begin with the awnser! It is not hard at all! example: This week awnser is: no, it's the new tiny little monkey-head prisoner! What you have to do is come up with a question, or a note or something like that. for this awnser would be a good question: Is that a 'monkey'control prisoner?! I know I know I am not the best at this game but I'll bet you guys are! So go ahead! Give it a try and maybe something hilarious pops out from time to time! Every week from now on I will come up with a awnser, and you guys give a question to it! If you have ideas for an awnser post them! pm me perhaps if you want to keep it a suprise! So for the first time evahr we start with the awnser that I used in the example: no, it's the new tiny little monkey-head prisoner! Good luck
  24. Ok, I have had this game since release day, and I have two ideas to fix GLARING issues with this amazing game, specifically the multiplayer. One, and this is less necessary, make it so you cannot stand on top of the hoops in ball game. Standing in the hoop is too universally perfect for a strategy, it's really annoying. My second suggestion I feel would revive the stagnant multiplayer community. I propose the creation of a trading playlist, and the complete removal of trading in the giftshop on competitive multiplayer. There are too many people who beg for heads and leave. Make it so trade booths are an exclusive playlist that spawn in a room with only trade booths, and remove traders from normal multiplayer such as ball game, muckle, capture the horse, etc. I feel this is NECESSARY. Excessive traders are causing too much of an issue with players who actually want a friendly game of muckle or something.
  25. Lovely people of Behemoth Forums, I need some serious advice! Now I know this place is filled with a bunch of talented people, some younger than me, most older and that's exactly why I came to you for help! If you can, could you please tell me which schools are good for learning the following: 1. Animation, Both 2D and 3D 2. Game Design 3. Business 4. Writing 5. Programming I also put this list in the order I wish to know these things in first, but any school that can teach these would be nice! This could also help me narrow down my searches for a good college, as I'm gonna have to start thinking about this come next school year, but I just wanted to get an early start. I also live in New York, if that matters...Anyway, suggestions on school will be much appreciated!