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Found 13 results

  1. The Forgotten Knight's Insane Mode Guide The most accurate guide on the internet. Guaranteed For all those Gold Skull Collectors Forward After playing with many skilled and not so skilled players in Castle Crashers I’ve decided to comprise this guide to help beginners and veterans alike in completing the challenge of insane mode. Beating this difficulty is signified by a gold skull in place of the white one earned for beating normal mode on the selection screen. Legitimate gold skulls are few and far in between. Many of us beg the question, Why settle for simply beating the game when you can prove you’re great at it? How to know when you’re ready. Insane mode is always done best with friends and just because you’ve beaten the game doesn’t mean you or your valient circle of knights are anywhere near ready to handle the grueling challenge about to be faced. My general rule of thumb is to never use a character for insane mode until they are either level 40 or have a full defense bar. Defense is the most important stat to have because it is the only thing that will allow you to stand toe to toe with enemies dealing anywhere between 200-300+ points of damage per hit. The reason I consider level 40 to be the best level to start insane mode with is because even if you lack a full defense bar your other stats should be high enough to compensate for this weakness. It also means that by the time you reach the end of the map your character should be well into 60s or 70s by then. Strategies The best thing you can bring to insane mode is a friend. Why let the enemy hit you when they can hit someone else? Remember it is important to note in your strategy that the number of enemies will increase when you have 3 or more players and the health of Bosses will increase per player in the party i.e. Bosses will have more health against four players than they would against one, two, or thee. There are two main methods of combat used for getting through insane mode; Arrow Spamming and Melee Comboing. Both have strengths and weaknesses. Magic should not be relied on as a primary attack method but instead as a support role to prevent players from being overwhelmed in battle. The enemies on insane mode require too many hits for the magic bar to sustain consistently. “Mage” characters will always be the first to die on insane. 1.) Arrow Spamming A maxed out agility bar will allow your arrows to fly straight and true as you send out a suppressive field of fire down the line. This is good for keeping scores of enemies at bay while preventing them from hitting you. It is particularily useful against enemies with Tornado Magic and the Corn Boss. This strategy is most effective with more people doing it. There are some downsides to arrow spamming as well. If you are shooting down the line of a melee fighter on your team it will often do him more harm than good. Arrows will always cancel out a melee attack and this can prevent melee fighters from being able to perform combos or finish their moves, it will also stop them dead in their tracks since they are no longer hitting anything. Often the result will be an enemy coming from behind and hitting your ally. This can also end up with your teammate surrounded by a group of enemies since he is not pushing them away or your arrows are knocking them behind him. Arrow spamming will also take the longer to kill an enemy than melee fighting will. The reason being because you can only hit the closest enemy directly in front of you, leaving those behind him free to move around and change positions. This alternates who gets hit and who doesn’t and results in each enemy only receiving a little amount of damage before switching out with someone else. The biggest downfall for arrow spamming is the fact that it only works on half the bosses. Many of the bosses in this game move erratically and don’t stay along the same line long enough for this tactic to be of any help and there are others who have resistance against projectile attacks. Arrow spamming is also weak against enemies who perform magic or other unorthodox attacks. Archers will find difficulty fighting Periwinkles, Fire Demons, Royal Guards, Dark Minions, Scarabs…ECT…ECT. 2.) Melee Comboing It is my preferred method of fighting on insane mode. I’ve tried both and I’ve found this one to be the most effective all around for standard enemies and bosses. Comboing with full strength does more damage per hit than arrow spamming and it also allows you to hit the same enemy more often as well as hit multiple enemies at once. The downside to comboing is that it will put you in the thick of battle and result in you being hit more often. For those of you who don’t know how to combo simply hit X and A at the same time, push forward into your enemy and hit X,X,Y. This works for all characters except the Green Knight, who has a unique Y attack. For more advanced comboing techniques please view Fenix's Definitive Guide to Everything Melee. Equipment It is important to be very selective of the weapon you are bringing to insane mode; often it will make the difference between life and death. Choosing a weapon to aid one of your weaker stats is good but one that will keep you alive is even better. The more damage you do the greater chance you have of surviving but it is important to remember what type of enemy you will be fighting in each level and adapt accordingly. Enemies such as Fire Demons will use magic heavily and require you to move faster in order to dodge these attacks. The following are all weapons I use myself. 1.) Wooden Club: It provides +5 Strength and +5 Defense as well as a Critical Hit bonus. It takes away -5 Agility but agility is only needed on certain levels. The Wooden Club offers a long reach that is good for juggling enemies in the air and is the best weapon in the game for overall. Many people mistake the Golden Sword in the King Pack DLC as the best weapon for strength but it will only provide +2 damage to attacks over the Wooden Club. The Critical Hit and Defense bonus are what make the Wooden Club a superior weapon. For decreasing the effects of the negative agility stats Scratchpaw or Meowburt are recommended. 2.) Black Katana: Aka the Necromancer/Evil Sword. This weapon is often thought to be the best weapon in the game for Defense and technically it is. Thanks to Awwner 5 we've found that the Black Katana with its +7 Defense only provides 50 extra HP points over the Wooden Club's +5 Defense. What this means is that you will only be able to take one extra hit of damage in combat. On insane mode this will not make a difference. The benefits of the Wooden Club far out weigh those of the Black Katana and I will recommend it every single time over this weapon. In terms of Defense they are practically the same. 3.) Sai and Black Mace: If your main method of attack is arrow spamming then these two weapons are what you want. Both provide +6 Agility which will increase the amout of damage you do with each arrow. It is up to you which weapon to use as each comes with their own bonus. Combined with Meowburt the Black Mace and Sai are the best ways to maximize your arrow spam efficency. The Black Mace aka Skeletor Mace does +6 Agility as well as -2 Strength and +3 Defense. The Sai will give you +6 Agility, -2 Defense and a Critical Hit bonus. Although it is rare, you can still preform a critical hit with an arrow. 4.) Bombs are also useful to take. They deal a good amount of damage to bosses and provide an escape when you are being overwhelmed by large groups of enemies. 5.) Sandwiches are also useful when surrounded by regular enemies but are weak against projectile attacks and other Beefys. They can also be used effectively against certain bosses to prevent players from being knocked down; the Corn Boss, Medusa, ECT...ECT... Use what the situation calls for. Animal Orbs Overall the best animal orbs to take are ones that will keep you alive or boost your stats. It is up to you to decide which one you will benefit the most from. I will often pick one that allows me to deal extra damage or help increase some of my weaker stats that I need to stay alive. The ones I list below are some of the ones that provide notable assistance beyond their in game description. Rammy- frequently knocks down multiple enemies when you are in a fixed position. This is very useful when you are surrounded, however he will also knock enemies out of the air which will prevent you from combo juggling them. He also has the bad habit of knocking over enemies who have JUST been frozen, setting them free to attack again. He is a useful partner for Hawkster. Hawkster- frequently attacks downed enemies and doubles the amount of food dropped in game. His retrieval of the food also allows you to focus more on the battle at hand and can be used to help struggling teammates. Two Hawksters on the team will assure a constant flow of health throughout the level. He is a useful parter for Rammy and Piggy. Piggy- increases the amount of health gained by food. How much extra health depends on the item. Meat gives more health than fruit. A single bite of fruit can fill half a players health bar with Piggy. This allows the player he is following to need less which can be used by the rest of the team. Please note he only provides the health increase for the player he is equiped to. He is a useful partner for Hawkster and low defense players. Meowburt- provides +3 Agility and combined with the Black Mace or Sai a player can do 37 damage per hit with each arrow. Meowburt is ideal for arrow spamers seeking to do the maximum amount of damage or players needing an agility boost in combat. Sherbert- excellent for players without magic jump who are fighting the Final Boss. For more info on Animal Orbs check out Drunken Feedle's Orb Categories or Castlepedia for all Animal Orb secrets. The Saving System Unlike most of regular mode, insane mode will not save after every level. Instead, some save points will only occur by completing a level further ahead. This system also means that not all levels will need to be played in order for the game to be considered complete. REMEMBER THE GAME ONLY SAVES WHEN YOU GO TO THE WORLD MAP Level Saves The levels highlighted in blue are the ones necessary in order for a save to occur and the final game to be considered complete. Home Castle Castle Keep Barbarian War Barbarian Boss Forest Entrance Thieves’ Forest Abandoned Mill Rapids Ride Catfish Tall Grass Field Pipistrello’s Cave Flowery Field Wedding Crash Parade Cyclops’ Cave Cyclops’ Gate Cyclops’ Fortress Lava World Industrial Castle Dock Pirate Ship Desert Alien Ship Desert Chase Sand Castle Interior IMPORTANT NOTE: You can skip fighting the enemies on this level by going in and out of the exit via Sand Castle Roof. Sand Castle Roof Marsh Corn Boss IMPORTANT NOTE: You do NOT need the Horn in your inventory for the game to be considered complete. Flooded Temple Medusa’s Lair Full Moon Snow World Ice Castle Wizard Castle Takeoff Wizard Castle Interior Final Battle IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are level skipping then the Final Boss must be beaten TWICE for the Gold Skull to show up. Wait for credits, exit to map, exit game, start new game, defeat Final Boss once more. All the Mandatory Levels must be cleared for this to work.
  2. The Forgotten Knight's Guide to Preventing Data Loss Data loss has been an issue of varying occurence since the game came out. I will explain here why it happens and what can be done about it. Why does it happen? Unlike most video games, Castle Crashers doesn't save your progress onto the game system hard drive. Instead your progress is linked to your profile. It is similar to global statistic rankings for things such as Kill/Death ratio in First Person Shooters. Data loss occurs when your data doesn't properly load when connecting your profile to online. It is not due to any update or DLC. There are no accounts of this happening to offline players. How to prevent loss. Always check your Character Statistics before playing. This is located in the main menu. If your characters aren't at the level they should be then you are either experiencing Data Loss or the Character Copy Glitch. Data Loss will make all of your characters Level 1 and the Copy Glitch will give your characters the stats and items of another person. Sometimes you will get an error message saying something is wrong before the main menu starts up, pay attention and don't ignore these. What to do. Under no circumstances should you go past the Character Selection Screen. If you are at the Character Selection Screen shut off your game system immediatley. None of these glitches or errors will save so long as you don't go past the character selection screen. The game auto saves the moment you enter the world map, which is the first place you are at after selecting your character. Hence, all of your correct data and progress will be overridden the moment you start playing the game. The solution is to sign out and sign back in into your XBL or PSN account. If this doesn't work then try turning off your console and starting it up again. Whatever you do don't start playing the game until all of your data is in order otherwise you will be stuck with the incorrect stats. If all else fails try deleting the game and redownloading it. DLC not showing up. If you notice all of your characters are in order except your DLC is not showing then simply check to make sure your hard drive is properly plugged in or redownload them. Playing with other characters without DLCs loaded will not affect them in any way.
  3. Are you a new user? Then this is the guide for you! Here's some tips on how to get started by an unofficially certified TBF source. TIP ONE: TBF TEE BEE EFF Short for The Behemoth Forums. TIP TWO: Never post more then 20 times a day No one knows why. TIP THREE: Never post status updates I regret starting. TIP FORE: ALWAYS like your own posts. It shows that you have no friends and people will give you even more likes because they feel bad. TIP FIVE: Never get in Castle Crashers debates with Hazard You'll regret it. 666 Gold skulls m9. TIP ATE: Never bring up the following Five Nights at Freddy's Spiderman TIP Nine: Have fun. Alright well I sort of made this all as a joke but in all honesty number 5 and 8 are probably legit. If you are new I recommend this nifty little page. Have fun and good luck on your Tee Bee Eff adventure.
  4. I felt inspired to write a guide today, so here it is: EDIT: Updated with more relevant information to the steam port.
  5. Copy and pasted from Mana Cost and Mechanics, a page that I wrote on the Castle Crashers Wikia. NOTE: This may not be 100% accurate. As of now this is the most accurate analysis any individual has produced, to my own knowledge. If you have any criticisms then pleas by all means post them in the comments so that I can update the information. Splash Attacks Splash attacks are the most diverse form of magic; even at level 1, the characters are still drastically different from each other to the point that there's still plenty of material to build a tier list off of. Standard - 9 Casts Per Mana Bar This is the cheapest form of mana regeneration, used by the majority of the characters in the game. With +5 magic it's boosted to 12 casts. If you don't see a character in the following sections, then you can infer that they use this form of mana regeneration, however most notably Fencer, Industrialist, Ninja, Fire Demon, Brute, and Snakey use this magic. Sustained - 6 Casts Per Mana Bar Characters with sustained magic use this form of mana regeneration. If it's not sustained, then it takes 1/6 of the player's mana away. With +5 magic it's boosted to 8 casts. Bear, Saracen, and Red Knight use this form of mana regeneration. These splash attacks appear to be disadvantageous, or even terrible at first, but Bear and Saracen can use their magic to perform unique juggle combos, and are potentially the most efficient characters for killing normal-sized enemies. Red Knight's magic makes him a decent support character, similar to King. Expensive - 2 Casts Per Mana Bar This is the most expensive form of mana regeneration, used by only a few of the characters in the game. This cost is in exchange for unparalelled crowd control, or some other benefit. Important Note: This form of mana regeneration is not a disadvantage. If casting twice from a full mana bar is a disadvantage, then a double-barrel shotgun is the weakest gun of all by the same reasoning. With +5 magic it's boosted to 2.67 casts; you won't be able to cast it more times in a row, but it will still regenerate faster, and your mana will not be completely drained, allowing a third cast after a very short waiting period following the second cast. Blue Knight, Iceskimo, and Pink Knight use this form of mana regeneration. Aerial Splash Attacks The same as normal splash attacks, just casted from the air. Only certain characters use this form of magic. Ice Shards - 2 Casts Per Mana Bar Blue Knight is the only character who uses this attack. Important Note: This form of attack is not a disadvantage. If casting twice from a full mana bar is a disadvantage, then a double-barrel shotgun is the weakest gun of all by the same reasoning. With +5 magic it's boosted to 2.67 casts; you won't be able to cast it more times in a row, but it will still regenerate faster, and your mana will not be completely drained, allowing a third cast after a very short waiting period following the second cast. Airborne Tornado - 9 Casts Per Mana Bar Saracen and Bear are the only characters who use this. Unlike its use on the ground, this has normal cost. Most of the time the player will use it for juggling. With +5 magic, it can be casted 8 times. Airborne Frogglet Blacksmith uses this attack. Literally the only difference between this and another air projectile is that it does half as much damage. It can hit multiple enemies, but it's still not that useful because it just knocks the enemies flat on their backs rather than up into the air so your teammates can juggle them. Projectiles Projectiles are much less varied than splash attacks, almost to the point that they have little to no impact on gameplay with only a few exceptions. Note: Both styles of bombs fall at a 60 degree angle in the air, causing them to hit enemies standing under the player, unlike projectiles at a 45 degree angle. Standard - 9 Casts Per Mana Bar This is what most characters use. It's just a generic ball that does damage, nothing special at all. Unless the ball is ice, fire, poison, or moves faster than normal -- with the four speedy exceptions being Ninja, Iceskimo, Alien, and Necromancer -- then it does nothing of interest, making projectiles practically useless for most of the characters that use this type, aside from the aforementioned exceptions. It can be casted 12 times with +5 magic. If a character isn't listed in one of the other sections, then it can be inferred that they're standard. Bomb Style (Fire) Gray Knight, Royal Guard, and Conehead use this projectile. Bombs are potentially the most powerful projectile in the game in terms of bonuses, special effects, and other unique qualities, and are even better than that in terms of their lack of disadvantages, which is none at all. Important Note: Considering range a disadvantage for bombs is like saying that a Jedi is at a disadvantage to a Stormtrooper in Star Wars. Bomb Style (Non-Elemental) Pink Knight, Necromancer, and Hatty Hattington use this projectile. These aren't nearly as powerful as bombs, but Pink Knight's projectiles can critical hit. Necromancer's projectile is different from a bomb, but there are still strong similarities. His Projectile is the fastest of all, and when casted from the air, it doesn't break on the ground, and unlike bombs, it travels to the end of the screen. It's easily one of the most useful projectiles for players who are good at levitation, as it can be used effectively for aerial combat, in a situation where the player can't afford to take any more damage. Note: Hatty doesn't use his bomb-style projectile on the ground, but he uses the standard format of projectiles on the ground. Reduced Damage (Non-Elemental) Alien is the only character that uses this; it moves faster than normal projectiles, and it can be casted three times the normal rate. The only problem with this is that it wastes mana to do so instead of actually timing the casting like everyone else, because no matter what an enemy can't be hit if it's still on the ground, so any excess shots are just wasted. Alternate Splash Attack - 6 Casts Per Mana Bar Saracen is the only character that uses this; it knocks enemies up in the air to either take fall damage, or be juggled. It can be casted 8 times with +5 magic. XXXY Combos All XXXY combos use no mana at all. There are six different types: default, lightning, fire, poison, ice, and non-elemental. Magic Jumps All magic jumps use the same amount of mana, and aside from ice, poison, and fire, they're all the same. The only exception, is the fact that Iceskimo has an advantage over Blue Knight, and vice versa, depending on the situation. Magic Jumps technically have no cost, as they fully recharge before you can use another, but they otherwise could be casted 9 times from a full mana bar.
  6. Well, it looks like lots of people are starting to make guides on the forums, so I decided I should post some of mine here. Instead of rewriting them, I'll just link you all to them. Castle Crashers - The Complete Basics Guide: Castle Crashers - The Best Ways to earn more XP Guide: Castle Crashers - All Animal Orb Ratings Guide: Castle Crashers - Better Keyboard Controls Guide (Steam Only): I will expand this as more guides come in the future!
  7. "It's gonna be a ton of fun!" Battleblock Theater is the best game ever, on the planet. But, have you ever asked yourself, "Is there a way I can make this game the most fun, ever?" Yes, you can. And here's how, in just 7 easy steps. (NOTE: This is NOT a guide to beating the game. This is a guide to having the most fun as possible!) STEP 1: Plan it This guide is mostly for people new to Battleblock, but returning users can use it, too! Something I do recommend is either resetting your data, using another account, or just trying the whole thing again. (Not resetting your data, and just playing campaign again.) Once you've chosen one of these, you can start planning. Yes, even though some people think otherwise, you can plan fun. Choose a night that you can play -- I recommend weekends, of course. Make sure your friend (yes, it's almost essential to have a friend to have the most fun in BBT.) can come that day. Of course, make your play space is comfortable, and no one will interrupt. Set up some snacks, sitting on the couch playing video games can get you hungry. Obviously, grab some drinks. Soda, chocolate milk -- pretty much the best drinks you can find. STEP 2: "Kill your friend and grab the jem!" Friends are almost essential. I recommend playing on XBOX 360, mainly because instead of being huddled in front of a computer, you can sit back and be relaxed. I definitely do not recommend online play. Why? Maybe you want to actually have full communication, instead of relying on mics. Plus, you can share those snacks you set up. Besides, friendship shouldn't be over screens, your friend should be with you, and should interact face to face. STEP 3: Choose your mode What will mode do you like the most? I don't recommend level editing if your going for a night of fun and laughter. (unless the levels your making are completely ridiculous.) Here are the top 3 things to do: 3. Complete it all This is only for advanced players. Have you finished the campaign? Cool! You earned the prize of awesomeness! Want to earn the prize of awesomeness beyond comprehension? COMPLETE IT. For example, unlock all the heads, unlock all the star heads, beat all the time levels, buy all the weapons (which you probably have already done in the normal campaign) or beat insane mode. This is a very fun task to do with friends, me and my friend pulled an all-nighter doing it, and we still aren't finished. 2. Arena This mode is great for a group. Unlike campaign when you can only have up to 2 players, you can have up to 4! It brings out your competitive spirit, and it's a ton of fun! I highly suggest ball game, it's my personal favorite! 1. Campaign My friend and I spend countless nights of laughter and rage completing the campaign. It's great to do with friends. Here's some tips: Don't skip the cut-scenes unless you've seen them before, they're super funny. Don't play some levels while your friend isn't. If you didn't get the campaign done in that one night of fun that we planned in step 1, plan another one! Invite your friend for more amazing fun! Plus, it's much better to play together! STEP 4: Don't take it to seriously This is quite possibly the most important step. Don't play BBT so you get a perfect A++ score, play it for fun. Now, if you get something like a C then that's completely unacceptable. Go back and do the level again. Just kidding. Play for the fun, not the grade. Sure, a little challenge or friendly competition is alright, just nothing to a point where your playing the same level millions of times until you get a perfect grade. You died? So what! You're rewarded with big laughs and, of course, a funny quote from the narrator. Feel free to push your friend into the spikes, he/she won't mind. STEP 5: No rush Battleblock Theater isn't fun at all if you rush through it, skipping cut-scenes, punching your friend because he/she is going to slow. DO NOT RUSH IT. You'll be sad when the story of friendship will be over. Make the most of it. Who cares if you and your friend are stuck on one puzzle for a half an hour, all that matters is that you're having fun! Like I said in step 3, don't play when your friend isn't. It's better to play levels together! STEP 6: Additional Settings Here's some helpful settings to better your experience. You can set how common the narrator speaks! I recommend Blabbermouth, because if this is set on, the narrator speaks more! Have fun laughing at his funny comments! (You can do this for the crowd, too! The higher the setting, the more they clap for your amazing deaths!) I also suggest subtitles, so you'll never miss a joke in the cut-scenes! STEP 7: Plan another night! The title says it all: do it again! Try to make the most of Battleblock Theater! Conclusion So, just so you guys know, I CANNOT tell you how to have fun. These are just a few tips that a lot of people I know use! I hope all find these helpful, and, if you have any ways you like to have fun with your friends, let me know! BONUS ROUND Let's have some more fun! Fan Vs. Vacuum Cleaner Credit goes to Jamma003! You and your friend should do something stupid. Ad least once in your friendshipy quest, have one friend have the vacuum, and the other a fan, then use them at the same time. Epic things will happen.
  8. Hey, I was bored and thought I would make a GTA 5 Online guide to show which vehicle is the best in each class Fully Modded so you guys can drive in style, win more races, and show off! Super: Overflod Entity XF - Price: $795,000 Speed: 8.3 Brake: 3 Acceleration: 8.3 Handling: 8.3 Overall Rating: 10/10 Commentary: It is the fastest vehicle in the game matching up to the Truffade Adder but the Overflod Entity XF's acceleration makes it the best vehicle in its class. Does not handle well on twisty roads or mountainous terrain, other than that the handling is great. Muscle: Bravado Gauntlet - Price: $32,000 Speed: 8 Brake: 3 Acceleration: 7.5 Handling: 7.5 Overall Rating: 9/10 Commentary: The Bravado Gauntlet is the best in its class but some might argue with that. The speed and acceleration are good for a muscle car, just remember to break a bit early. Sedan: Obey Tailgater - Price: Can be found and taken into one's garage. Speed: 8 Brake: 3 Acceleration: 5 Handling: 8 Overall Rating: 8.5/10 Commentary: Just to mention it, this is the type of vehicle Michael has on the compaign. This maybe a difficult vehicle for some to find, if you need any help post below or message me. The handling is downright amazing and the speed isn't too bad, I would work on the acceleration. Also many people argue about this one too. Coupe: Dewbauchee Exemplar - Price: $205,000 Speed: 8 Brake: 3 Acceleration: 6.5 Handling: 8 Overall Rating: 9.5/10 Commentary: I personally love how this vehicle handles and it's speed and acceleration isn't bad either. SUV: Obey Rocoto - Price: $90,000 Speed: 7.5 Brake: 1 Acceleration: 5 Handling: 6.5 Overall Rating: 8/10 Commentary: Like a SUV it is not very fast so I would upgrade it's acceleration. The handling is okay. Motorcycles: Pegassi Bati 801 - Price: $15,000 Speed: 8 Brake: 4.5 Acceleration: 7.5 Handling: 7 Overall Rating: 9.5/10 Commentary: This vehicle is only best because once modded in Los Santos Customs it surpasses the Dinka Double-T, otherwise they are pretty well matched. This is also one many people argue about. The handling is pretty good I will say and the speed is excellent. Off-Road: BF Injection - Price: $16,000 Speed: 7.5 Brake: 2 Acceleration: 6 Handling: 5.5 Overall Rating: 8.5/10 Commentary: I personally prefer the DF Dune Buggy but the BF Injection is better. The speed and acceleration is better but slow down pretty early or you will most likely spin out and crash hard. Also arguable. Sports: Grotti Carbonizzare - Price: $195,000 Speed: 8.5 Brake: 2.7 Acceleration: 8.8 Handling: 7.2 Overall Rating: 9.5/10 Commentary: This is the best sports vehicle. The speed and acceleration are amazing and handles very well. The brakes could use some work though. Sport Classics: Pegassi Monroe - Price: $490,000 Speed: 8 Brake: 2 Acceleration: 7 Handling: 6.5 Overall Rating: 9/10 Commentary: For a sport classics it is pretty fast and handles pretty well but I would still work on the handling. Compacts: Dinka Blista - Price: Can be found and taken into one's garage. Speed: 7 Brake: 2 Acceleration: 6 Handling: 6.5 Overall Rating: 7.5/10 Commentary: Like all compact vehicles it is not very good but the Dinka Blista is the best compact out of the three. Helicopter: Buzzard Attack Chopper - Price: $1,750,000 and can also be found. Speed: 7.5 Brake: 10 Acceleration: 9.5 Handling: 10 Overall Rating: 10/10 Commentary: I find this to be the best helicopter because of the stats of course and it is quicker and handles better when aiming or getting somewhere. I would not purchase it but look for it because it spawns quite frequently. Planes: Buckingham Luxor - Price: $1,625,000 and can also be found. Speed: 4.5 Brake: 1 Acceleration: 4 Handling: 0 Overall Rating: 10/10 Commentary: I find the Buckingham Luxor more mobile than the Buckingham Shamal even though they have the same stats. The handling stats, there are none, but move beautifully in the air. It doesn't spawn as frequently but still can be found. Questions, comments, and requests are gladly accepted. If there is another vehicle class you would like post below and/or message me and I will add it as soon as I can, thank you. Also if you are having trouble obtaining one of the vehicles listed above post below and/or message me. Note: Stats added. Overall rating added. Commentary added. Helicopter added. Plane added. I hope you guys found this helpful!
  9. NOTE: This is my opinion on the special star head prisoners, not a specific, dead-on guide. King (IMAGINE NEEDED) - see footnote 1 Worth: Priceless Star (IMAGINE NEEDED) - see footnote 1 Worth: 0 gems Castle Crashers (IMAGINE NEEDED) - see footnote 1 Worth: 200 gems Alien Hominid (IMAGINE NEEDED) - see footnote 1 Worth: 200 gems Furbottom Worth: 0 gems Behemoth Chicken Worth: 300 gems Winston Worth: 100 gems Donuts Worth: 300 gems Toast Worth: 500 gems Rose Worth: 300 gems Cat Control Worth: 700 gems Lava Lamp Worth: 600 gems Tiny Monkey Worth: 400 gems Manbirth Worth: 300 gems Wheels Worth: 100 gems Steamroll Victim #1 Worth: 100 gems Gerard Worth: 500 gems Sausage Worth 100 gems Duck Shark Worth: 200 gems Siren Worth: 700 gems Blocketeer Worth: 400 gems 25% Off Worth: 100 gems 50% Off Worth: 100 gems Moose Worth: 100 gems Boot Worth: 100 gems Fat Kid Worth: 200 gems Snail Worth: 100 gems Triple Threat Worth: 300 gems Hatzilla Worth: 300 gems Giraffey Worth: 200 gems Buckle Your Pants Worth: 500 gems I See You Important: Released to my Furbottom's Features coop adventure playlist "Mis Adventures". Worth: Priceless to me Tooth Brush Important: Released to my Furbottom's Features coop adventure playlist "Mis Adventures". Worth: Priceless to me Snakeface Worth: 100 gems Tiny Cyclops Worth: 100 gems Boom! Worth: 400 gems Steamroll Victim #2 Worth: 100 gems Stubby Worth: 100 gems Mr. Bobbins Worth: 100 gems Mr. Peabody Worth: 200 gems The Dad Worth: 100 gems Paul Worth: 200 gems The Nose Knows Worth: 100 gems Jonny Four (IMAGINE NEEDED) - see footnote 2 Worth: 100 gems Hooshmand ~The Wise~ Worth: 1,000 gems Troll Worth: 0 gems Will be adding: -How to unlock each. -How much each is worth in my opinion. -Rating of each from first to last in my opinion. -What you guys think I should also add. Footnote 1: Need imagine with the same background with the same text, will mention your name for your assistance, thank you. Footnote 2: Need small imagine of Jonny Four, will mention you for your assistance, thank you.
  10. Requesting lock I messed up on this thread pretty badly, thank you.
  11. This is how I see these prisoners and please feel free to disagree with me. Every game has a selling feature. Essentially, this is what makes the game unique and makes people want to buy it. Star Prisoners are just one of many aspects of this game that makes BattleBlock Theatre unique. Players have obsessing with them to the point where finding a good game is even rarer than any Star prisoner. Star prisoners were most likely added to the game to make the game more interesting, give the game a selling feature, and to 'push' the players to go once a week. The game is interesting enough, the game has more than enough other selling features to survive, and if you buy a game and only play it once a week, you are not getting your money's worth and it is quite pathetic. However, they are fun to collect. Do not think of the Star prisoners as the reason for playing, rather just one of MANY reasons to turn on your Xbox 360, scroll over to the arcade section, and click the 'A' button whilst hovering over BattleBlock Theatre. Each picture of a Star prisoner displays the following text, "For a limited time only." This means that at some point, after a re-release, ALL Star prisoners will become unavailable through the features. Most likely, you will end up paying Microsoft points to purchase a certain quantity of prisoners at some point in the distant future, assuming you do not already have them all. Finally, this use of the term 'rare' has been flying around lately and it is being associated with Star prisoners incorrectly. Rarity has nothing do with opinion, date of release, quality, how it was released, or votes in a poll. This term simply refers to how the Star prisoners, in this case, are distributed throughout the players. Re-releases usually eliminate this rarity and there is no reason to complain about. Just because you received Winston when he initially was released, does not give you any right or reason to complain about his rarity being destroyed from the re-release. What if you never got Winston? You would not be complaining and, in fact, be happy that you now have him. It is a biased argument. For some of you, this was common sense. This is for the players that just did not get it. Thanks for reading.
  12. So Castle Crashers has been out for 4 or 5 years now and I'm wondering if its time to create a mega story mode guide which covers every secret and useful tip during gameplay level by level. Doing so would take time and require countless revisions as people provide input or fact checks on platform variations. I'm just wondering if people in the community think its worthwhile or not?
  13. The Giant One-Picture guide to all unlockables. Took around 50 hours total. DeviantART Link: http://ominousstorm....uide-193649023? Direct Image Link: http://www.deviantar...orm-d37akjj.jpg ^Click the Direct Image Link above to see the full size. To save it, you can right click the link and click "Save Link As.." or you can right click the picture and click "Save Image As.." Updated on 10/26/2012 (Sorry about being a year late) Updated with all recent Updates + DLC (Pink Knight + Blacksmith) All new weapons added to the bottom of the weapons table. New characters added in the Downloadable Content Table. Edited NG Lollipop Weapon "How To Obtain." Now available on PSN through Pink Knight Pack. Edited Pitchfork Weapon "How To Obtain." Now dropped by Alien Hominid. Wooden Sword + Wooden Mace added via regular game updates. Feedback appreciated, my Photoshop was beyond sluggish while trying to update the guide. (Every small action taking up to 2 minutes each) I couldn't find any pictures for the new weapons. So I had to screenshot some semi-HD videos and color correct, render, fill in some empty areas on the weapons, rotate and resize. How'd I do? Resolution: 1500 Pixels (15 Inches) WIDE 17850 Pixels (178.5 Inches) TALL (New version is 22.23 inches taller) Enjoy