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Found 3 results

  1. So a minute ago I was playing with some random people on muckle when we all decided to go to the gift shop. One person on the other team bought prisoner after prisoner until there were none left and the screen was full of prisoners eager to escape, pushing and shoving through the exits. Afterward he went to the trading station and gave his friend a ton of gems, so of course he went and freed prisoner upon prisoner. After getting jelly of their prisoner-freeing abilities and left. So what I want to know is: Was he just very dedicated to BattleBlock Theater, or was he a hacking parasite sucking the lifeblood from the Battleblock Theater community?
  2. I am UNDEADMANTOBY on Xbox Live and I was playing with my friend futbolhombre24 and an opponent XxYellowDJxX8 and he caught me on fire and I didn't die! I was just able to run around killing everyone else with my fire for some reason! And in another match versing him we somehow got 69 points and in another match we somehow got 31 points!? I think this guy is trying to hack the game so we get in trouble or something because the score only goes up by 7s doesn't it? I really don't want to get in trouble for something I did not do.
  3. so I was checking the leaderboards on the new pc release of castle crashers and I was quite surprised by the high amount of experience gotten already, so I thought let's check the top one for how long he/she's played thinking that must have been quite some hours, well 1,4 hours or something :/ "hey, that's strange" turns out said player hasn't even beaten the game on normal mode yet but does have "2000000999 experience"..... now I hope that this is just some bug or something and not a new 256 like most of us remember, but yeah, just wanted to share.