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Found 1 result

  1. Something happened when I played battleblock theatre today. I joined a game and I went into the gift shop. Someone else and I went into the trading booth. The other person switched around the items that they would trade me. It was faster than usual. Then we decided that I should give him 15 yarn and he would give me 100 gems. Then we pressed a two times. I waited about thirty seconds to get out of the trading booth, then someone left the gift shop. Then the other person and I went back into trading booth. Instead, we decided I would give him 21 yarn and he would give me 95 gems. Then I waited for about one or two minutes and we left the trading booth. I went back downstairs and I saw someone catch on fire. Nobody else was there. Then I went to unlock some prisoners and I left the game. I also remember someone got punched and no one was there. Thanks! Edit: Oops! Hacker and battleblock theatre in the tags are together.