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Found 1 result

  1. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Things you want to see, things you don't like, anything and everything. Do you want to see more solo, or some coop? I was thinking of remaking my favorites maps so far and releasing them as coop and calling it something like "Best of Bros" I haven't settled on a name yet or a firm idea. Anyways i hope the playlist brought you many great memories from the good old days as it did for me. My gamertag is Swirly Kalen if you didn't know already and you are welcome to message me:) Have a great night and thanks for particpating in my playlists. Also Super Hatty Bros. is almost at a 1000 plays so that is very exciting!!!!!!!! Super Hatty Bros. Hatty Bros 2 Hatty Bros 3 Hatty Bros 4 And soon to come Hatty Bros 5 which will get a new name when i release it. I can say the name fits and the levels are way longer. It truely will be the best one yet!!!