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Found 24 results

  1. I think we should start a topic of all the different heads (characters) and weapons that we as a community have seen. We can post images, videos, or describe heads and weapons that we have seen at conventions like comic-con or PAX, or what we have seen on the Internet. I will start Weapons: Ice Cannon Dart Gun Boomerang Bouncy Ball Thing (that pops on contact.) Green toxic bubble gun Grenade Explosive frisbee Fan Electricity ball Fire ball Characters (heads) Airplane Square head with an open mouth Cyclops Pineapple Guy with a cat scratching at his head( yes this character always has a cat on his head, with little blood marks where the scratching was) Obviously the basic two eyes and a line mouth head Mustache head Clown Cardinal Rammy Rabbit Angry Faic (the boss health bar face) Ninja Cat Guy with the Monocle and Top Hat Mummy Skeleton Jimbo No Teeth (A character with no eyes and a large under-bite.) Football Player Fish head Some dude with a squid on his face A house (includes windows, a door, a rooftop, and I think a chimney) DJ headphones A mushroom cap (on top of the cylinder head) Some kind of astronaut/racer-esque helmet. It's a helmet with a visor. Breakfast face (Sunny-side up eggs for eyes and bacon for mouth, cylinder head) Square-head with a wide, open mouth. A chameleon-like head with an open mouth. A peasant-like round head. I saw a new rabbit and new cat head. A new pirate-like head (bearded with a bandana) Cylinder-shaped head Dog face Squiggly mouth circle head monster guy Plant Face and this guy I know I have missed a lot but if people could start saying what they have seen that would be great Try not to repeat ideas and TELL THE TRUTH! Lets keep it to weapons and head that we have proof of existing. No guesses, only facts from online or stated from an official behemoth employee.
  2. Hey I was just wondering who else out there has all the head in Battleblock Theater including star heads! I have every single head so far so I was wondering who else does?
  3. Hello, and welcome to the Star Head Exchange! I have dedicated this page to those who don't want their Star Heads, or do, but would prefer gems or yarn, as I have begun my collection of every head, and have a TON of gems and yarn to trade for them. Don't go running away though, as I am open to trading head for head, however you will need to clarify which head you want to trade for which in your form, and I will respond on whether or not I agree to go along with the trade. The way I will be doing this is I have a list of the Star Heads that I have and the ones I need below, along with my personal "Top Most Wanted" which is basically the heads I don't have that I want the most. A high amount of gems or yarn is guaranteed if you offer one of the top most wanted. You must specify your GamerTag, pick which of the Star Heads I need that you would like to trade to me, whether you want gems, yarn (the amount I will give is on the list of heads) or one of my heads, and tell me your timezone and time you would like to trade. If I accept your trade then we can meet at the time you specified, if not I will reply to you. Note: I am somewhat new to Battleblock, and don't know what heads are considered very "rare" or "common", so if some of my offers are extraordinarily high or low, please let me know. Thanks! [RULES] [FORM FORMAT] [HEAD LIST] Thanks for visiting, reading and trading!
  4. So I ran into someone today who wanted the heads I have (I've got em all) and he told me a way to duplicate it to him. So I joined a game and went with it. It works.. and its a permanent thing. Please Contact me about this and I will tell details. I don't want this glitch known and abused. It took me since the game came out til bout a week ago to collect all the heads and now people can do this? sad day!
  5. I only have one head left, the Dad. It' very likely he'll be making a comeback soon due to fathers day but if someone would be willing to trade me it sooner I'd be ever so grateful. My GT is Mostiy H2O just shoot me a message if you're willing to trade it.
  6. Welcome to the Top Favourite Prisoners Thread! I have dedicated this thread to finding out what the community thinks is the very best prisoner/head out there! This includes both Star/Special heads and your average everyday not-so-special shape heads. Any prisoner can be the best prisoner (Custom prisoners are not allowed)! All it takes is your vote, and here's how it will work: Below, tell me which prisoner is your absolute favourite, and why, whether it be because of it's hilarious looking face or because it reminds you of someone you know, I want to know why that prisoner deserves to be the very best! And if you can't choose just one, you can feel free to choose your top two or three favourites. Just don't choose all of them... Okay? (Some of the non-special heads don't have a name, so if you pick one of them, make sure you leave a link to a picture, or find out what their name is.) Whichever prisoner is voted for the most will get to wear the Crown of the Very Best. So scroll down, and tell me who deserves to wear the crown! Looks like Lava Lamp is the first to 3 votes, so it shall be the first to wear The Crown! Special Prisoner List and Prisoner Populaton Chart: ♛CROWN OF THE VERY BEST♛
  7. Hey guys I really want these heads if you have one or both please comment
  8. GT: Pratt dog20 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Looking for unicorn willing to give 15 yarn and 700 gems add me if interested ________________________________________________________________________________________ P.S Moding Glitching and scamming are not acceptable and you will be reported note I will be recording while trading with you but I wont post it to yt twitch or anything unless I give it to behemoth ________________________________________________________________________________________ ADD ME AND MSG ME IF INTRESTED ________________________________________________________________________________________ Stay Sexy my friends
  9. This thread is to show my own custom heads I am drawing Credit to GoodMudkip for starting a thread giving me the idea to make my own Will post them there too! (First draft drawn. Final draft computer edited.) Hedgey The Hedgehog Say hello to this little fellow! His name is Hedgey and is a pretty confident little guy. His favorite weapon is the ball (even though his hair pops the ball every time.) He loves company and will instantly become your backstabbing pal, just don't touch his hair, he doesn't like it when people mess it up.
  10. I'll also do 10000-20000 gems for all or most of your star heads
  11. Since the features started on the steam version of BBT I have been getting the heads without completing the features, as soon as I turn BBT on I get both new heads, I should be happy about this but I feel like I'm not earning the heads so I do the feature anyways but I'm also sure there are plenty of people who don't.
  12. Hello! This is a Battleblock theater custom heads thread post all your battleblock theater styled heads here! Yes they need to be BattleBlock theater styled in order to post them here for the people who want it easier to locate some of these. But here comes the fun part! Every week (I will try to stay consistent) I will count up the amount of posts with the most likes and showcase them (with the creator's permission) up here and they will stay up here (I will continue to add more weekly winners). All types of artists are welcome no matter how skilled you are. Also Constructive criticism is allowed and please don't just like a person's head on how well its drawn; like it on the IDEA. And for the people who want to download your wonderful work post a download link or a pic so people can save as it to advertise what you've made to the world! Don't be shy post today! (I also apologize if I've posted this in the wrong section I did not know where to put it if a mod could move it to the correct place I would greatly appreciate that)
  13. Hey, i'm Jules and i love to draw Prisoners I hope you like them! Feel free to leave feedback and requests in this Thread I drew all of them myself so feel free to use them! If you want to use them, download the png of the head (it only looks squished on the picture) and paste it into this directory: Steam\SteamApps\common\BattleBlock Theater\GameData\UserFaces Enjoy! Prisoner 1: Guy with headphones Prisoner 2: Rugby-Player Prisoner 3: Kirito from Sword Art Online Prisoner 4: Invader Zim Prisoner 5: Gir from Invader Zim Prisoner 6: Wizard from Magicka
  14. In Battle Block Theater, there are only five heads left and then there will be no more future new heads (Unless there will be future D.L.C). There have been big and small heads, animated and not animated heads, familiar and not familiar heads, and so on. With that being said, what are your favorite head(s) in Battle Block Theater? ~My favorite heads~ 1.) BOOM! star head (the bomb head) 2.) Lava Lamp star head 3.) Donuts, the donut star head 4.) King star head 5.) triangle head with Sunglasses and a Martini Looking Drink in its mouth 6.) Barbarian star head 7.) Eyeball circle head I will probably add more to this list when the rest of the heads come out so I can make a legit final decision. So expect this list to expand and change. :Rules: 1.) No lists that contain more than 10 favorite heads. 2.) No criticizing other people's opinion on there favorite heads. More rules will be added if seen necessary. Happy posting!
  15. Hey Guys Whats Up I was thinking about upcoming star heads ideas now a lot of you don't have a idea whats coming up do you well how about Star heads ideas for an example the friday closest to veterans day veterans died on that day so on that friday how about a bloody helmet head? sounds good so I simply will be looking at star head ideas and I can tell you about your idea how nice it would be to furbottoms features and if players around would like it on xbox 360 so post your ideas below at the post area please and let me know your ideas Need Some help heres my xbox 360 gamertag:Dragonborn2105
  16. Can anyone help me with finishing my star head collection? I got the game the week it came out but i had school work so i missed alot of furbottom features ive got most of them now from trading but i need: Cat Control Gerard Winston Toast I have 500 gems right now so im pretty poor and the most i can offer for one is 200 but under the condition that you guys would leave the game with 100 gems you would have to give me the star head the first 100. Please Help! P.S if you really want me too i will pay for your extras.
  17. Hallo I was just playing a moment ago, and I was hosting my playlist, so I can get more rates and stuff. And almost everytime there were those 'players'. Those annoying traders! And then I thould, we need to name those guys. My suggestions: Trade truckers: because they go everywhere with a bunch of gems for the hope to buy a star head... And my second one: spraders: because they spam with trading. any suggestions?
  18. Anyone know where to find the background The Behemoth uses for the new special star head prisoner? What background I am looking for: The background used for this is what I am looking for, the picture, a program, anything, thank you
  19. Hello there! I'm looking to trade my Alien and Castle Crasher heads for other special heads that I don't have, those are... Gerard Lava Lamp Cat Control Toast Winston Furbottom Behemoth Chicken The ones I do have are... Tiny Monkey Steam Roll Victim #1 Wheels Man Birth Donut Rose Sausage Duck Shark 25% Off Prisoner BLOCKeteer Siren So if you are willing to trade me, reply to this post and let me know or even message me on Xbox Live. Gamertag: DylanSmithies And remember, buckle your pants.
  20. Hi, I missed gerad, man birth, cat control, winston and lavalamp. Just wondering if anyone will be so kind to let me know if they have extras, Im srry, I don't have to many gems because I keep on getting scammed when I try to get these. But Please let me know if you have extras and are willing to trade!
  21. I am trying to buy the winston head. I have the variety of every head except Winston, and not to mention the amount of gems and yarn i have amassed. I can meet nearly every request. However if you read this post soon after it is posted it is possible i cannot trade until i have XBOX access. You can message me here or add me via XBOX. GT: McNastySlayer. Thank you for your time and offers.
  22. Do different heads have different hitboxes? Some heads are bigger than the others or just differently shaped, does it influence hitboxes? If so, I'm going to use the smallest head for my speedruns now.