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Found 1 result

  1. Really? He's already about to release the new one? My, if the first one is anything to go off of this will lose all of its luster after the first couple nights where the game shows its true colors and repetitiveness.... and really there isn't much to be admired for long in a game that solely consists of jump scares, but hey, it would be really awesome and make me interested if the entire game wasn't pre-rendered and the animatronics actually could move while you look at them! Oh..... so it's the same as the last game then? Well okay, I guess I don't need to buy it, I'll just watch every other let's player under the sun play it....... (If you want this game to get made though, vote for it on its Steam Greenlight page) I do like the idea of this sequel conceptually though, that now all the old machines have been decayed and replaced, but still roam around with the new ones, and the lore behind this series actually is pretty interesting, especially in that it seems the new Freddy is made up of the parts taken off of the old animatrons from 5N@F's 1 (there's an image detailing this somewhere online but I don't care nearly enough to find it). Anyway, is anyone here actually gonna get this game? Anyone here play the first? Meh, talk amongst yourselves EDIT: This thread is now relevant to the third and fourth games now but I feel no need to change anything because all my points still stand