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Found 1 result

  1. Ya alright fellow 'Crashers, here's my pitch.. Playin' CC on my billy todd is fine but I crave serious co-op action, hear that, serious. I've only got 3 gold skulls (pink knight, industrialist & white bear) and all my other dudes have white skulls. Catchin' my drift? I'm lookin' for any1 who needs help in insane mode or like me, lookin' to get all characters on a gold skull, oh and this is aimed at the PSN community.. With fellow europeans I have no problems connection wise but with some across the pond, don't be offended if I quit due to lag. Add me on PSN, Sir_J3fr0 (thats a three and zero in j3fr0) I love this game and don't mind helpin' people out but I want some1 of my calibur to play with to max out the game old skool style.. I think if your younger than 15 don't bother unless ya can handle insane mode. Thinkin' on it, if ya do send a friend request it might help if you say where ya upto. All mine are upto forest, a few are near the wedding and my Alien is at the desert.. Please help a brother out some1?!?!?! INSANE MODE ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!!!! (Ok that was over the top) =)