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Found 9 results

  1. Forum-related madness to post here. Anyways here's something that I just noticed: "is awoken from their spooning" -Mr. Hatty
  2. I really want to make pixel art so I am taking requests if the are relatively easy. I am new to this so bare with me I made two already but I need a day or two to post them because I have to find them. I did a five minute alien hominid head to start off
  3. For those guys who are saying RIP RELAXZ DIE IN PEACE IM JUST ON A GODDAMN VACATION!
  4. So I missed Hooshmand like everyone else did and that's all not fine and not dandy. But I was also on holiday all this week so I didn't have the chance to pick up Jonny 4. I dunno if anyone was smart and got an extra but if anyone did then I shall pay a large fee for your services. Hugs & Kisses - Memor
  5. How on earth were there 456 members online? Some sort of party I wasn't invited to?
  6. Cause he so tiny so you can crouch behind the bushes and put up when someone comes by and face grenade them to china. Can't he be moved to front so he's in front of the bushes rather than behind them?
  7. Just try because I BET YOU CAN'T!!! >
  8. What do they mean? Is it for something bad you have done and you get like three chances or what? You get kicked by the forums? Wow i have a lot of questions today.