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Found 5 results

  1. Playlist Name: Madness Medley Gamertag: Daddyo ZZZZZ Playlist Type: Arena Mode: Ball Game, King of the Hill, Muckle, Color the World, Soul Snatcher Levels: Ball Game Teleport Throws - Jump in through the portal to play-but be careful! You might wind up in a trap! I'm A Fan - Grab the ball, and throw it in a hole! Protect the switch closest to your spawn, and press the other to get the ball in the enemey's hoop! Super MarioBowl - This Mario inspired map a has some teleport pipes for fast travel! King of the Hill Royal Chamber - Destroy your enemies by shoving them into one of the holes, and sending them to a spiky, wet, explosive, or toothy death. Watch out above you! Erupt - Travel into a volcano, and obliterate your foes with spiky traps on the sides! Dethrone - Protect your throne, while attacking the other to gain control! Muckle Shocking Charge - Try not to be electrocuted, while electrocuting those who want to electrocute you! Whew. Cavern Fights - Climb the walls of this cave, and punch your enemies off! Teleportal - Jump in a portal to travel to your foes quickly-or fall to a well coordinated grenade! Color the World Color Me Hungry Why So Blue Don't Eat Paint Soul Snatcher Heaven Hell Tiny Theives I hope you enjoy! Have fun wrecking face!
  2. A playlist of custom King Of The Hill maps for your enjoying pleasure
  3. Name: The Other Games Gt: MGMgrand2010 Ever get bored of those overrated games in battleblock theater? Then play some of The Other Games! Color the world, king of the hill, capture the horse, soul snatcher, and grab the gold all in one playlist! Go and try it! (Starting the serious part now) It's my first arena playlist, so it isn't the best. It's got some twists and turns some tricks up it's sleeve. Would like any feedback, if you guys could (This is getting too akward).
  4. Nade Survival, by: ChickenOffender- This playlist is a mix of both king of the hill, muckle, and for one level, ball game. the point of this playlist is to not only fight your opponent and do the objective, but also to stay alive. teleporters will spawn grenades and sometimes fans will propel their speed. there are 3 king of the hill levels which all have a different way to play/survive. the muckle levels on the other hand range from jump rope type games, deflection games, and even ball game. the one level that features ball game is also a mix of muckle. players can choose to survive and attack or simply struggle to get the ball into the net. there are multiple ways that the grenades spawn and will provide alot of fun and frustration for some. if it seems impossible just remember, there is always a way to survive. this isnt a playlist which's levels are crudely made and you cant survive, so dont underestimate it. there is approximately 8 levels for you and your buddies to play. so grab some friends and have some fun. just make sure your not with them in person, things can get a bit rough.
  5. Hello everyone my GT is: mikeylive98 my playlist is called: supercoolpl playlist type: Arena Hi guys i have made a second playlist and yes i do know that the name is crappy but do not be discouraged this playlist is a mix of all the different arena game types except for challenge. (I wanted to save any adventure map ideas for my adventure playlist) The first set is all king of the hill The second set is a mix between grab the gold, colour the world and soul snatcher The third set it all ball game The fourth set is all capture the pig The fifth set is all muckle Thank you for reading have fun and please leave any comments telling what you liked and how i could improve it.