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Found 6 results

  1. So I tried looking up the Story Mode Leaderboard rankings in Castle Crashers and I can't go past the 200's before it kicks me and prevents me from looking further. Everyone listed before then is -1 and a participant in the 256 glitch. I can see where I am and my friends but I would like to know who the number 1 is for the world. Arena and Glork don't have this problem as the -1's have been cleared out as far as I can tell. I know Castle Crashers isn't the main focus for the Behemoth but I was wondering if there was a way to update the Story Mode Leaderboards to get rid of the -1's like Arena and Glork?
  2. In BBT, one of my new years goal is to get in the top 100 on the global leaderboards. I have been wondering if anyone has any gems they don't care about, anywhere from 5 gems to +100 gems, anything will help. Thanks!
  3. Hello. Just about an hour ago I was playing Battleblock Theater with a friend on private server. She left from the computer for some time and left the game, I decided to leave the game on for some reason (just busy with other things). When I got back on to turn it off, someone else was in the game. He had a default rectangular face and no gems or yarn. I freaked out and left the game. When I checked my global ranking, I was at 0 and it shows that I'm using the rectangular prisoner. Last time I checked, I was somewhere between 1100-1200. I spent a lot of time ranking up and need help, or at least an explanation. Thank you.
  4. So basically a video of me getting my butt kicked in ball game. Also there might have been a render issue as you can see by the seemingly low quality of the video. Can I still get a like and some subscribers though? :3
  5. so I was checking the leaderboards on the new pc release of castle crashers and I was quite surprised by the high amount of experience gotten already, so I thought let's check the top one for how long he/she's played thinking that must have been quite some hours, well 1,4 hours or something :/ "hey, that's strange" turns out said player hasn't even beaten the game on normal mode yet but does have "2000000999 experience"..... now I hope that this is just some bug or something and not a new 256 like most of us remember, but yeah, just wanted to share.