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Found 6 results

  1. I create levels and stuff on BBT and have fun doing so. I'm pretty good at it (not like 8Bitten though) and I've been fed up with a few other games, so haven't been building as much as I should, but will eventually get back to it. I think I should take a small step forward since I've had these levels in my bio for a while and havent said anything about them. I felt like making some kind of public creation journal so everyone can see what I'm making if they really are interested. So here's a few pics of my upcoming playlists Selgnirp and KaizoBlock. -Selgnirp -KaizoBlock I would take pictures of the full screen but I only have an ipad to take pics with, and that makes the files way too big to post, so yay... But yeah. I'll hopefully upload Selgnirp soon, and KaizoBlock will take some time to test and upload. I'll say when I'm done and have uploaded them though
  2. GT: IMPOSSABLANK Playlist Name: Selgnirp Playlist Type: Solo Adventures I finally uploaded this one Of you played Dead Friend (also by me) then get ready for the sequel, I guess... It's not actually a sequel, but it's just as good. I tried extra hard to make the finales fun, and the main levels are just as fun as Dead Friend was fun. The encores were a bit rushed, but weren't too bad. It's hard to upload pictures for me so just take my word for it and play the level yourself. Pro Tip- Have Fun
  3. Sorry if this was already written but. Two problems here: Whenever i finish a fbf (Furbottom's feature) level (the whole thing) I dont earn any star heads, or avatar awards. This is ridiculous since i have completed it 10 times and it still gives me nothing! Help!! -Update: I have a black xbox 360 with good wifi,etc My gamertag is Cylacine. ----Question 2 Any reason why the game randomly crashes? Like if i try to load a fbf or arena mode, the game crashes, my whole xbox crashes, cant do anything etc. Why does this happen??? It works on story but when i buy something from the gift shop, Boom the whole game freezes or crashes. I Update 2- I cant save my games because of it crashing, so i gotta start from the last chapter Cannot play fbf on co-op either. Or arena because if i do.. The first round i go to GAME CRASHES BOOM THERE YA GO.
  4. Can’t believe the crushing excitement and playable insanity of our upcoming Ball Game Steam tournament? Us either! But don’t worry, you sensitive creative types — we haven’t forgotten you. Starting today, we’re accepting submissions for our BattleBlock Theater Arena Mode Playlist Creation Contest! Anyone 13 or older can submit their original XBLA or Steam Arena Mode playlists for consideration. We’re accepting playlist submissions from July 15th to August 15th. The very best playlists for each platform (as decided by our panel of judges) will be awarded grand prizes or honorable mentions. The grand prize will be some awesome BattleBlock Theater merchandise signed by our Level Designers, as well as immediate and exciting recognition as an Arena Mode Feature in-game. Honorable mentions will also receive incredible BattleBlock Theater merchandise, and consideration for future Features. There will be one grand prize per platform (so that’s two total — one for XBLA and one for Steam), as well as two additional honorable mentions per platform. To read all the important info and to register your Arena playlist, go HERE. Good luck!
  5. I (for some reason) decided to take note of all the different limits for every block in the level editor. This could help people plan out their levels without running into block limits halfway through. The block names are just something I came up with based on appearance. * = Can replace border of map 1 Generic Blocks - Unlimited* Cloud Blocks - 128 (Limit shared with Arrow/Bush/Bird Blocks) Rubber Blocks - Unlimited* Ice Blocks - Unlimited* Slime Blocks - Unlimited* Floating Guy Blocks - 16 Decoy Blocks - Unlimited Arrow Blocks - 128 Bush Blocks - 128 2 Water Blocks - Unlimited Spike Blocks - 64 Laser Blocks - 64 Exploding Blocks - Unlimited Teleporter Blocks - Unlimited Treadmill Blocks - Unlimited Moving Blocks - Unlimited Catapult Blocks - 16 3 Pipe Blocks - Unlimited Bridge Blocks - 32 Portable Blocks - Unlimited Button Blocks - Unlimited Caution Blocks - Unlimited Rising Platform Blocks - 32 (Limit shared with Rising Caution Platform) Rising Caution Platform Blocks - 32 Puzzle Blocks - Unlimited Fan Blocks - 32 4 Cat Blocks - 32 (Limit shared with Mine Cat/Toaster/Rocketman/Saw Blocks) Mine Cat Blocks - 32 Toaster Blocks - 32 Rocketman Blocks - 32 Beast Blocks - 16 Cat UFO Blocks - 4 Saw Blocks - 32 Cannon Blocks - 48 5 Horse Blocks - 16 Rock Blocks - 32 Boat Blocks - 16 Bird Blocks - 16 Wing Blocks - 16 Pink Flying Eyeball Blocks - 16 (what the heck are these things? haha) Warning Sign Blocks - 16 6 Strawberry Blocks - 7 (Limit shared with Strawberry Cat/Decoy Blocks) Strawberry Cat Blocks - 7 Strawberry Decoy Blocks - 7 Pie Blocks - 1 Starting Gate Blocks - 1 Checkpoint Blocks - 15 Exit Blocks - 4 7 Number Blocks - Unlimited King of the Hill Blocks - 32 Ball Dispenser Blocks - 2 Basketball Hoop Blocks - 16 Capture the Horse Blocks - 8 Secret Level Blocks - Unlimited If enough people care (and I'm not too lazy), I could make this fancier with images of each block or something. Actually, it'd be sweet if there were a counter on each block in-game letting you know how many you could use (or have used). Original Post:
  6. I know this is a very pathetic question, but can you make a custom arena level? I'm sure you can, as the blocks for arena game modes are in the level editor, but every time I try to make one it says I need gems and a start for my adventure level. Can someone please tell me how to make one?