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Found 1 result

  1. Under no circumstances are illegal substances to be brought up in this thread. I want to keep this as family friendly and mature (and not to mention, legal) as possible. Take that kind of talk elsewhere. Any posts regarding such things will be deleted. Alright, I know these are family friendly forums, but I believe this is a topic that many people may have some sort of interest in. This topic shall be PURELY about LEGAL tobacco substances, such as cigarettes, cigars, cigarellos, pipes, etc. Almost everyone has a family member or a family friend or at least knows someone who smokes. If you don't, then that's probably good. Unfortunately, it is a popular thing that people do. I want to know everyone's opinions on smoking. Do you smoke? Does your family smoke? Do you hate smokers? If you smoke, what brand? Things such as that. My story: That's my story, I guess, anyone else want to share their opinions and/or stories?