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Found 3 results

  1. My brother and I have had this game for a long while and have never had any problems, however just now when I tried to join his game (online multiplayer rather than split-screen local multiplayer) on my screen I showed up on my screen as being in the game session, whereas on his screen I didn't show up as being there. I could still choose my character etc, and when he chose his the game recognised it and started loading up a game, however we then became stuck on a black loading screen with the words 'waiting for players'. After a couple of minutes, he gets put into a single-player game and I get transported back to the main menu where I am presented with an error message "game session has ended". He's tried playing with another friend, who had no problems joining in, but when I tried to join their game session we had the same problem (black loading screen, I get kicked to the main menu and they both continue into a multiplayer game). Anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this?
  2. Hi, My mother and father both have Nintendo accounts and they are linked to his Switch. My husband and I both have Nintendo accounts liked to my Switch. Whenever we choose Online - Play with Friends, either of these two things happen once we exit the character choice screen: - Two players are in the game, one never makes it in, one has their vitals show but they are outlandish like $53 million in coins, serious lag issues - Three players are in the game (let's say me, husband, dad), mom never makes it in, dad can only see me but not my husband, serious lag issues still When my father and I play - we have no issues which I am guessing is because we are the primary accounts linked to our Switches. Does anyone know how to enable it so that all four of us can play together? Thank you!
  3. BattleBlock Theater: Everytime i click the quick match button it always says all games are currently full. EVERYTIME i tried hosting, no one ever joined. I tried playing online for over 2 weeks and all games are always full. Something must be wrong. Castle Crashers: NEVER found any game. it says No Games Found. Please help, i'm really tempted to play with other people and get some achievements and also make friends. I'm bored playing local, i have sticks but i have no friends to play with. I beg you