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Found 16 results

  1. Been playing the remastered seitch edition and enjoying it been a long time since I played the game so its been nice revisiting it. Issues started my 3rd or 4th time playing, suddenly there is no music, I can hear the audio from sound effects just fine but nothing from the music tracks in the game.
  2. There is no music when I start the campaign on Nintendo Switch.
  3. In every game (or almost), there is always a soundtrack or 2 (most likely more) that you find catchy or some other reason. What are your favorite tracks from games? If you know the name of the soundtrack, you can post the name, otherwise try to post the atmosphere or whatever it gives... Sorry if there's another topic like this but... Favorite Soundtracks (a few): Rayman; Mr. dark theme, Mother; Airplane Ride, etc. This could have been worded a lot better...
  4. Recently i've been doing a lot of music and even more recently i've gotten into the dubstep world Here are some of my favorite tracks! (From newest to oldest) Anyway, tell me what you think! and how i should improve on it ^ v ^
  5. Earlier, I joined someone's game. It was a ball game. I went into a game and the score at the end was 14 to 14. Then the next game started and it played the music when the game ends. This was the second time this happened and last time it happened in ball game like this time. It was kind of weird.
  6. Ohhhhhhhhh mannnnnn what's this!!!! Rock Band 4 is official now.
  7. What songs do you like and what songs do you hate? Discuss it here! I like See You Again and GDFR. But I kind of hate this song that recently took number one on the Billboard called Cheerleader.
  8. Ok, I'm not one for advertising but... I have been making lots of music lately and Ive been enjoying it a lot I have been making stuff under the alias PT, making EDM , Remixes, Trap and more. The problem is, no one has been noticing it and it really doesn't give me motivation to do the best I can since I get no comments and only a couple views every video So I thought that maybe the behemoth community could help me with it. So that's where you come in. What I want you guys to do is to check out my music and maybe give me some feedback and what you thought about it. Here are some links to my favourite tracks Avicii - The Days (PT Remix) Orange Memes IV (Official Theme Song) PT - Walking Across The Clouds PT - Waluigi Time PT - Magic Storm PT - Time Has Past (My Favourite) And heres a Playlist full of my music So thats about it. Also if you want you can subscribe to my channel aswell Potatofarm71 Channel New Tracks: Ariana Grande - Problem ft. Iggy Azalea (PT Remix) Gravity Falls Theme Song (PT Techno Remix) WowAlpaca Theme Song Also I do live updates on music progress on my Instagram
  9. Thunderous topic landing peeps! This is another one of those ''poll'' types of thread. The topic is very obvious, is there any band/singer who let you down recently in terms of music quality? I can point many, but for now, here's two: Avenged Sevenfold: Their new album didn't quite interest me like the last one, they're missing something... Oh yeah, the REV. If you know A7X, I shouldn't have to add anything else. Panic at the Disco!: Started off so well with ''I Write Sins not Tragedies'', ''Nine in the Afternoon'', and ''The Ballad of Mona Lisa''. Now they're following trends, not really focusing on creative lyrics and long titles, summarizing, the band lost its uniqueness. I was going to mention Fall Out Boy for shifting towards popular music, but their last album was really good. In your opinion, what bands/singers can be considered musical let downs?
  10. Hey everyone, After an (not-really) extensive search of the The Behemoth forums I didn't find a similar topic. So I have to know: What is everyone's favorite album of 2013? Maybe tell us a bit about your experiences, I'd love to discuss it and hear some different prospectives from across the musical spectrum. Please keep it cordial; Some individuals on music blogs get abusive and this seems like a pretty good environment. My favorite album's were Nine Inch Nail's Hesitation Marks Kverltak's Meir (No full album post, my apologies) Motorhead's Aftershock And props to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' The Heist, even though it came out in 2012. I would have placed it as a favorite were I not late to the party on it. Happy 2014 All, Amir0fTheDesert
  11. I moved my videos to my main account. Also I'm reworking Archie & Fareoh x PSY.
  12. I Do, and how. At work, in the car and just about anywhere else. Hope its in the soundtrack or another ringtone pack.
  13. What is your favorite track in the whole game? The only rule is it CAN'T be the secret area music because it is seriously TOO GOOD. Edit: There seems to be a second guy in the Secret Area music, is it just stamper or is it someone else?
  14. So is there any word on when we will be able to download the soundtrack for BBT because it is pretty amazing
  15. No one can "write down" this marvelous tune. How did it come about? Caused by massive drinking, or created by gods? Who knows, you do, SO TELL ME NOW!
  16. Anyone else noticed that the sheet music when selecting normal mode is Twinkle twinkle little star? I just thought it was interesting so thought i'd share.