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Found 2 results

  1. HELLO EVERYBODY! Recently i've been getting into the whole game creating process, at first it was just flash but even more recently Unity 3D.Now that I have got used to it Ive been thinking,what should I make?Well Ive been seeing stuff being made like the south park game for the oculus rift,so I thought,whats my favorite 2D game? CASTLE CRASHERS OF COURSE.So I quickly began to work......but then I realized I knew nothing about 3D modeling and programming,so I needed help, and what better way to find people for a behemoth based game ON THE BEHEMOTH FORUMS! So I need: Experienced Unity Programmers Experienced 3D Modelers and Artists The requirements are: The program Unity3D Experience Knowledge in Castle Crashers (Common) and dedication And if this project goes well I will try to start a project of battle block theater/alien hominid This project is not for money just for the experience
  2. I was plaing BattleBlock Theater and my internet turned off when i turned my internet back on all my heads plus my trophy were gone i dont know if you can find a way to get my heads back please help