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Found 1 result

  1. So I somehow lost almost all of my unlocked weapons, pets and gold in Castle Crashers. I was a dumdum and booted up local play as soon as I noticed, so chances of data recovery are gone. I dont really care about most of it as I can easily recover it all. But Hattys Golden Whale is proving to be a nightmare to reclaim. I can still play as Hatty, and still have his green gem sword (neither were lost), and still see the whale in the ark. But everytime I go to pick it up, it does the weird locked animation that looks kinda like an electric shock. The problem is I cant be given the whale by other players, or find it in the game. The only way to get it is to "have an achievement in Battleblock Theatre". I had 26 achievements though (now 27)... So far, here is what Ive tried to get it back: Delete Hattys character data and replay the game as him - Did nothing. Delete his data again, clear the system cache, redo the update, and try to equip the whale - Did nothing. Trek through the story of Battleblock Theatre to get the "Co-op Star" achievement and trigger the unlock of the whale again - Did nothing. Before people say "You dont need the whale", trust me. I need the whale. So does anyone know how I can get it back, hopefully without a full game reset? -J