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Found 3 results

  1. There are some pretty hard games out there, some that not many people have 100%ed, or even completed beggining to end. This is the bragging section for hard games that you've beaten or, better yet, gotten 100% on. For me I'm most proud of 100%ing Super Meat Boy. What are some of yours?
  2. My childhood was filled with almost exclusively roblox when it came to videogames. I just checked out my old profile and it was so dead it made me cringe. So just for the sake of it, what was a game from your childhood that you dont really play anymore :3 Also if your curious my roblox profile was thisisnotjustin12.
  3. How do you guys feel about Borderlands: The Pre-Squel? I feel like they could'be done much more with the story between the five years. Also to me it just wasn't as good as Borderlands 2, but it's still fun.