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Found 1 result

  1. Down in Smash Land, all is going well, but then suddenly, drama arises in the world. Love, hate, cheating, murder, all is awaiting in the Episode 1 The scene starts with Captain Falcon in his walk-in shower, as he is washing he lightly hums Mute City and notices a golden trinket in the corner. Falcie(that's the nickname is partner gave him) picked up the golden heart shaped locket, as he opened it, his eyes watered. It was Captain Falcon holding hands with Ike, walking into the sunset together. Falcie's tears hit the shower floor with no distinction from the raining shower water. "Show me your moves" Falcie whispered and caressed the picture of his former love. As he just began to recover from that final smash to the heart, his lover, Snake walked into the shower with him and turned off the water. In only a robe Snake looked lustily at Falcie "Kept ya waitin huh?" He said. "YES!" Falcon yelled. Before Snake and Falcon went through with their beautiful act of love, the screen fades to black and then to the next scene. "You're too slow" Sonic urged his wife, Mrs. Pac Man to get up from bed. Downstairs, the married couple can hear their 2 children, Pac Zane the PacPerson, and GameFemale the hedgehog getting ready for school. When the 2 siblings finally left the house, Mrs Pac Man called to Sonic. Sonic turned around and was kissed by his wife. But Sonic turned away the love, and a tear rolled down his cheek. "I got something to say!" Sonic said in his uncontrollably loud voice. He turned around and faces the window. "I'm pregnant!" Sonic yelled, "With Little Mac's baby!" Mrs Pac Man broke into tears and was astonished. Sonic took a hold of his love "I had no choice Pacla! I was too slow! I WAS TOO SLOW!!!" "This is all going too fast Sonic!" Mrs Pac Man bolted out of the room and started to pack her things. Sonic begged for her to stay, but Mrs Pac Man wouldn't listen. Then Sonic in a last resort drew back and hit Mrs Pac Man in the eye. Sonic took out a knife and pointed it at Mrs Pac Man. "You cant leave me with the children Mrs Pac Man, even if it means I keep you hostage!" Mrs Pac Man complied. But she hadn't given up. She knew she had to get away, she had to take control of her life. When Sonic was out for work, Mrs Pac Man dialed the phone. "Samus? I need your assisstance..." too be continued...