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Found 8 results

  1. The second trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon came out today and this seriously got me hyped up for it. Still don't know which copy to get though Sun or Moon, but either way it looks like a great game. (Thank you Grant/GoldenGhost for images) Rowlet is probably gonna be my starter, Litten will become Fire/dark type and sorry to all the water type users. EU will be released on the 23rd of November And trainer customisation is back yay So share your thoughts on what you think about the new Pokemon Sun and Moon. What will be your starters?
  2. Here's the scoop from the looks of it -Pokemon Go is an augmented reality app for Android and iPhone -You go out in the real world and find Pokemon, then battle them and catch them -You can battle other people in real life with your Pokemon that you've caught -You can trade Pokemon with other people in real life -There will be events where you and your community will battle a legendary Pokemon with a time limit and attempt to defeat it -This app comes out in 2016; it'll be free to play, but will have in-app purchases -There will also be a watch-like Bluetooth device called Pokemon Go Plus that interacts with the game in multiple ways, such as alerting you if there is a Pokemon nearby or if something like an event is happening. This low-energy device is optional and was designed to make it so people wouldn't have to stare at their phones constantly in order to be aware of things happening around them. -This is being developed by The Pokemon Company, Game Freak, Nintendo, and a company called Niantic that worked on a similar game called Ingress. Miyamoto himself is involved with it. -This will not interfere with the mainline Pokemon games, but it might tie into them in the future Here's some of what we don't know -What Pokemon will this game start with? (Only Kanto Pokemon appear in this trailer) -What are the in-app purchases? Pokeballs? Potions? Exclusive Pokemon like in the Game Corner? TMs and HMs? -Which Pokemon can you find? How often? Will some Pokemon be exclusive to certain areas? -Will battling work the same way as in Pokemon games with the same attacks, stats, abilities, etc? -Etc Overall I'm very excited, this is every Pokemon fan's dream and they're making it all a reality. It seems too good to be true though, especially after what The Pokemon Company pulled with Pokemon Shuffle Mobile. I eagerly await more details but for now I'm cautiously optimistic about Pokemon Go. What do you guys think? What features do you want to see? Which Pokemon do you want to catch? What will be your type/gimmick when you become your town's gym leader? DISCUSS!!
  3. So The Pokemon Company had it's "shocking" announcement at 9 AM EST this morning, and just like many predicted, it's POKKEN TOURNAMENT! This game is a 2D fighting game being made by The Pokemon Company and Bandai Namco, and is planned for release in Japanese arcades in 2015, after which it will surely come to the Wii U worldwide. Here's the official website: So what do you guys think? Any particular Pokemon you're hoping to see playable? Confirmed Playable Fighters: Lucario Machamp Blaziken Pikachu Suicune Gardevoir Confirmed Support Pokemon: Snivy Fennekin Emolga Lapras Frogadier Eevee
  4. We already have a Magic: The Gathering thread but we don't have threads for any of the other magnificent trading card games the world has to offer. This is the place to talk about TCG's in general. (And yeah feel free to talk about Netrunner and other miscellaneous card games here if you want to even though they might not be TCG's) Back when I was a kid, I collected Pokemon cards but never actually played the game they were for since I hated having to load my deck up with Energy cards and crap. I also collected and played with Yugioh cards, and even though I have less of them, I really liked them a lot more. (I have well over two thousand Pokemon cards as opposed to a maybe few hundred Yugioh cards.) My friends and I would always bend the rules when we played Yugioh so that we didn't need to do the fancy Fusion monster summoning thing since we almost never actually had the correct components, and same for Ritual monsters. We would just play those guys normally like any other monster. Anyways I found my collection the other day while I was cleaning my basement and I rediscovered some of my old favorites like Relinquished, Black Luster Soldier, Insect Queen, Masked Beast Des Gardius, Blue Eyes Shining Dragon and Dragon Master Knight, and man did they spark my childhood excitement for these things. I kinda wanna start collecting them and playing with them again but I'm already broke from amiibos and I don't need to juggle two expensive hobbies to keep my wallet crying. (Might do it anyways though, if I can find other people to play it with) I also played around with Neopets cards for a very brief period of time, but that was long ago in a galaxy far far away Anyways, what trading card games do you guys play/did you guys play? What are your favorite cards? Post those collections if you have 'em, I'll definitely share some pictures of my collection and my favorite cards after I look through all of them.
  5. It's finally happening for those that wanted it.
  7. Mine was Bulbasaur! (When I watched the show from the very beginning of my days) Then when I played a game for the first time it was Treecko! Here, bask in the glory of these two adorable yet powerful grass types *hugs* (THESE AREN'T MINE! NON OF THIS IS! THIS IS FOR FUN! Just wanted to clear that up uwu )
  8. Heya, it's your favourite community moderator. From now on I'll be releasing a video on the youtubes every saturday. What kind of videos I hear you type, pretty much some kind of mythbusters meets gaming meets youtube kind of thing. Go watch it, it's fun. Now, before anyone says you're ripping off [NAME], here's a list of people that do or have done the same kinds of videos. If you think of someone else I could possibly be copying feel free to point it out, otherwise deal with it: -Game Theory -Jwittz -Tamashii Hiroka -PBG -That one video gamer (in those 2 videos he did that were slightly similiar)