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Found 5 results

  1. It is not that I want to be a mod but I have always wondered how do you become one?
  2. !!!SPOILER ALERT!!! So I just played and finished The Walking Dead Season One A Telltale Game and I really liked it, it made me cry, most games don't. If you have played this game before and have any thoughts, comments, ideas, anything, this is what that thread is going to be about. You can also say what choices you made as well. I am going to say what decisions I made and how I felt about the ending. Episode 1 I was truthful with Hershel, I saved Duck, I sided with Kenny, didn't give Irene the gun, and I saved Carley. Episode 2 I chopped David's leg off, I shot Jolene, I tried saving Larry, I spared the brothers' lives, and stole the supplies from the car. Episode 3 I shot the girl in the street, I left Lily behind, I fought Kenny, I didn't shoot Duck, and I helped Omid. Episode 4 I killed the boy in the attic, I reasoned with Vernon, I brought Clementine to Crawford, I saved Ben, and I showed everyone my bite. Episode 5 I cut off my arm, I lost my temper with Kenny, I gave up my weapons, I let Clementine kill the Stranger, and I didn't let Clementine kill me so I turned. The ending made me cry, and that means something. this game was brilliant in my opinion, great story, great gameplay, great characterization, great emotion, I loved it. I really wish Lee didn't have to die but I guess it was inevitable from the start that it has to end somehow. He pretty much taught Clementine everything he knew so when he was gone she could take care of herself. The fact that I kept Clementine safe makes me feel like I won, to me that was the whole goal of the game from the start. What bothered me was where the heck were Christa and Omid? I thought Clementine was supposed to meet them at the train? What happened to that? I'm glad she is in the countryside, she seems safe there, but who are those two figures in the distance? I doubt they are walkers but it could be likely. To me it is a high chance that it's Christa and Omid, they wanted to go to the countryside anyways. In The Walking Dead Season Two A Telltale Game I hope that it is them and that it hasn't sped to much forward so we know what happened. I am also excited to play as Clementine in the next game because it seems like that is what will be happening! Overall this game gets a 10/10 in my book.
  3. Question for all you BBS players out there, and also for the developers I suppose: what's going on with the two stages labeled "DO NOT ENTER/ OUT OF ORDER" above stages 3 & 4? Are they just for the atmosphere, or will this be something that is unlocked in further DLC or through particular achievements? It seems rather odd that one can only stand on top of the stage entrance in the stage 3/4 area; allowing you to jump up to the boarded up doors. Thoughts? Theories? Facts?
  4. Will I be able to play co-op campaign with my friend who is on an other xbox ( can i invite him for co-op campaign) Thanks, ps: can't wait for 3 march
  5. So we all are wondering the release date not asking for that I know its hard. I have more questions not relating to the date as much. If you can please answer if you are allowed to. #1. If a level gets to the popular gem state (The kind users make) will it still have gems when its unpopular or turn to strawberries again? #2. In Castle Crashers we had lots of weapons to use. I would think the weapon choice will be a lot smaller due to more character customization. Would this be kind of true? #3. After this will you guys continue to start yet another game or take a small break to just celebrate and relax? #4. Does Co-Op get a different ending scene if there is one? Or will it stay the same? Thank you if you answer this I am 11 so sorry if something is misspelled or sounds incorrect.