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Found 6 results

  1. The Quote Game is easy. Just say something from a TV show, video game, or song. The person who guesses the quote from the TV show, video game, or song, gets to say another. Just don't say anything bad. (Cussing, drugs, etc.) I'll start. "I honestly never thought we would need to track how many times we died in the hub."
  2. Steal the Egg is a game I made a long time ago. Now I'm changing it a bit. Someone steals the egg and says why and how the stole the egg. Example: : I stole an egg. I stole it because I like to steal things. I did it by killing the birds that layed the egg. RedHotSword4367: I stole the egg because I'm cool. I did it by using my CoolGun!!! BestUserEver: I stole the egg because I'm the best user ever! I did it by being the best user ever! So let's go!
  3. Do you like video games? I do! I have a new arena playlist I just made called Video Games! I bet you'll enjoy the games! GT: RedHotSword3256.
  4. I keep finding a weird glitch where people turn invisible and it gets annoying. I see people getting burned by a fireball and no one is there. Another time, I was in the gift shop and I was going into a trading booth. I couldn't go in. No one was there. Nothing was on the television. The red dots were the darker red. If you can Behemoth, try to get rid of this glitch. Thanks!
  5. Coming soon to Battleblock Theatre is... Monster Island! I hope you enjoy the adventure! It's action packed and really cool! Coming soon to your nearest Battleblock Theatre game! GT: RedHotSword3256.
  6. I'm back with a new story playlist coming soon! It's about video games once again. It's called Video Games 2. GT: RedHotSword3256. Hope you enjoy the games when Video Games 2 comes out!