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Found 2 results

  1. I logged onto Castle Crashers this morning and found all of the stock characters at level one. I had just unlocked the last character (The Saracen for me) and had all swords, including hacked ones (I got them from online; I didn't get them by hacking/modding). -sigh- So, I was curious if anyone would be kind enough to let me get the hacked and Rubber Handled swords from them. I don't care a whole ton for the characters (The game only takes 2 hours to beat) or animal orbs (I know where they all are from heart), but the swords are the main issue. I'd figure I should ask here instead of resorting to a gamesave or such. Thanks for anything!
  2. Hello, so whilst playing Battleblock Theatre yesterday I was joining random story mode games and I played with a random person on xbox live and ounce i quit from the game I went to single player. Ounce i entered single player my gems/yarn were at an incredible ill-legitamit amount (as in millions of each). I'm concerned that my stats in the game were effected by the player and I would like to reset them back to where they were, or at least reset everything all together, can anyone help me figure out a way to do this. Much appreciated, Thank you!