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Found 1 result

  1. The rubber handle sword does indeed exist in the ps3 version of the game. The guy who gave it to me had said that he obtained the sword by reaching level 30 with anyone within the 1st week of the game's release (remember, this is ps3) It is the real sword, as the notification for getting a new sword appeared when I got the sword. And the sword is 2 spots to the right of the key, so he does in fact have it. I don't want to get him spammed, so I'll keep him anonymous. The stats on the sword are +2 strength, -2 magic, and +3 speed. Post 17 has the pictures. As of now, you can only request for the sword if you have 5 gold skulls or more. AND you can NOT trade it to others. As of now, there are 5 known copies of this sword in the psn castle crashers universe. All have been informed not to trade the sword.