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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everybody, the Mods and I have been discussing the recent influx of threads about players who scam others over trading. With help from some of the folks up at The Behemoth, we've decided on our course of action for these kinds of posts. Due to the potential issues that are tied to it, blacklists with the intention to alienate other players will no longer be allowed. This applies to all forums, not just BattleBlock Theater. Any list of gamertags or usernames meant to shame the people in it will be removed. This is in part because of the problematic behavior that may result from name and shame, which some of you may have already seen taking place. It's also because we don't want to risk blacklisting an innocent player over word of mouth. We would rather assume that everybody is innocent instead of starting a witch hunt for anybody who is called out. We obviously don't encourage scamming, and any thread that helps players to avoid being scammed will continue to be encouraged, as long as it doesn't hand out names to avoid. In addition, we will also remove any stories users post about scamming other players as well as any posts encouraging/teaching other players to scam. It's okay to discuss how scams are played out as long as it is purely to warn other players to avoid it. Any sort of bragging about scamming other players is heavily discouraged. So, just to recap: NOT ALLOWED: Posting any gamertags or usernames of players to shame or avoid, especially in a list. Posting stories about scamming other players. Teaching other players to scam, or encouraging them to. ALLOWED: Teaching other players how to avoid being scammed. Sharing stories about being scammed (without naming names). Posting lists of gamertags and usernames, as long as they're done with permission from the users. Keep in mind that we won't be deleting just any username lists. We realize there are threads listing peoples' usernames for the sake of finding players online or listing their birthdays, and these will continue to be openly accepted. We mostly just want to avoid any future naming and shaming on the forums. If you see anybody doing so, just report them and we'll handle the rest.
  2. This post is dedicated on improving the existing THEBEHEMOTH forums rules or in other words the guidelines of the forums, it's our responsibility as THE BEHEMOTH fans to improve the existing rules! Here you can post new ideas for rules on this thread under the thread rules: DON'T make ANY rules that may offend other users DON'T plagiarize ANY rules made by other rules DON'T make ANY rules that discriminates any ethnic groups What is plagiarism? [] Note: I am NOT part of the THE BEHEMOTH staff team I do NOT work at BEHEMOTH, this thread is to help mods/admins to apply new and effective rules to make the BEHEMOTH forums more safer and troll-free as possible! Change Log: 11/25/2014 8:37 PM - Grammar Checks 11/26/2014 2:21 PM - Included a link to existing forum rules ​11/26/2014 6:51 PM - Capitalized Don't(s)