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Found 9 results

  1. It’s autumn now and prices are falling all over the place! (Yes, if you haven’t already figured it out, I love puns.) First, let’s look at our official merch store: 15% OFF the ENTIRE STORE! In honor of American Thanksgiving weekend, we’d like to thank you loyal fans for your support with this storewide sale. This is just in time for the holiday gift-giving season and you can check out the Shipping Info to see what shipping deadlines are if you’re trying to hit specific dates. When you check out, be sure to apply the discount code “TURKEYJERKY” to get 15% OFF your order. Sale runs from November 23, 2016 to November 29, 2016. For the next seven days there’s also a huge Steam Sale going on! Castle Crashers Steam & BattleBlock Theater Steam are 80% OFF the original price until 10AM PDT, November 29th. Come enjoy our multiplayer games with friends or family during the holiday break! Steam Award Nominations While you’re in the Steam Store this weekend, you can also nominate Castle Crashers Steam & BattleBlock Theater Steam for any of the Steam Award categories. How to Nominate: 1) Go to the game’s Store page and click on the “Nominate” button 2) Choose the Category you want to nominate the game for and then click “Save” 3) Your nomination should be updated. You can change to a different category anytime before nominations end by clicking on the nomination. This is the first time Steam is letting the Steam Community decide the Nominees and each person who nominates a game will get a Steam badge! We hope you’ll nominate Castle Crashers Steam and BattleBlock Theater Steam for one of the categories. In any case, thank you for all of your support these years by playing our games and spreading the word! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones <3
  2. It's that time of year again. June 23rd is the start of the end of our wallets. Strangely, I cannot find any 2016 videos at this time, so here are these. Quite honestly, I don't think this will be a great sale unless they bring back the dailies, flashes, and communities. Lord Gaben shalt not take much of my wallet this time.
  3. Well everyone, there's only about a month left of school for most of us. Summer is approaching. That also means our lord and savior Gaben has a sale ready for us to give away our entire wallets on. While we do not yet have a date for our wallet's suffering, we do know it is almost time. Prepare your wallets ladies and gents, or you will regret it later. Also, remember to wait for dailies, community sales, or flash sales. Otherwise, you will facepalm so hard later on.
  4. Hey Y'all, Hopefully you follow our Facebook pages or our Twitter, but if not then I'm here to give you a heads up that we have two big things that end tomorrow: Castle Crashers Steam Sale - Ends 10AM PST on 1/16/2015 75%OFF the original price Part of Steam's Daily Deals BattleBlock Theater Postcard Sweepstakes - Ends 4PM PST on 1/16/2015 Enter to win a postcard signed by Dan Paladin & Will Stamper Info needed: Name, email address, and list one thing you like about Game 4 from what you've seen so far Restrictions: Ages 13+, one entry per person, valid & true responses only Good luck to all who enter! We will be drawing 5 winners at random. -Megan Community Captain
  5. So now that the Steam Winter Sale of 2014 is almost over, post whatever loot you've managed to aquire this year! -Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition -Broforce *Thank you my friend Mike* -Don't Starve Together Beta -Hammerwatch *Thanks GoldenGhost* -Lethal League -One Finger Death Punch -Saints Row IV -Scribblenauts Unlimited *Thanks IndustrialKnight* -Transistor *Thanks GoldenGhost* And for bonus points, the games I gifted people! -Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition -Don't Starve Together Beta -2x Rock of Ages
  6. This summer is going to be hot and Steamy with all these sales going on. What better time would it be to go on a multi-player adventure and fight with some barbarians, trolls, and catfish in Castle Crashers? Or if your heart seeks mystery with your battles, then you could check out BattleBlock Theater. Get BattleBlock Theater at 50% off until June 30th. Get Castle Crashers at 75% off until June 30th. The two DLC packs are also discounted! As an added bonus, BattleBlock Theater has some special rewards as a part of the Summer Adventure on Steam! Crafting the Summer Adventure badge gets you 1 in-game item (crafting the foil badge gets you 5 items!) These items are both tradable and marketable. Start crafting now before you lose this chance to get these three BattleBlock Theater special unlocks! (The rules HERE.) Spread the good news to your friends and family before they find out that you knew and you didn’t even mention it and then they’d be like, “oh, no you didn’t!” Mmhmm. Don’t be like that. Be the hero.
  7. We fought to keep our wallets safe, but the Winter Sales are strong, not all of us could over come them, many thousands of dollars were lost throughout every night. All we can do now is try to remember the fallen, and talk about what we happend to get out of this madness.
  8. New Blog Format! Howdy y’all! So if you haven’t already seen our new layout to the blog, head on over and check it out! You can now sort through our posts by clicking “Development” or “News.” Your "forum ID" has also mystically and awesome-ly morphed in a Behemoth Community ID, which you can use to post comments on Blog posts. Please feel free to log in and post a comment to our Blog articles when comments are on. 2013 marks our 10th year and we've posted a video to our blog that's a quick recap of all of our games thus far! From Alien Hominid, to Castle Crashers, to PDA Games & Super Soviet on iOS and finally this year to BattleBlock Theater. It’s been a decade of The Behemoth games and we want to thank you! SALE! Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers on Xbox LIVE are 50% OFF! BattleBlock Theater on Xbox LIVE is 33% off! In addition to the new blog this week and new video upload, many of you may have already noticed that all three of our Xbox LIVE arcade titles are on sale this week! Woohoo! You can get Alien Hominid HD and Castle Crashers for 50% off, and BattleBlock Theater all for 33% off the original price until September 16th. Not only is this because we want to thank you for 10 years, it is also because this week is our very own Dan Paladin’s birthday. So please say “Happy Birthday” to our fearless leader and thank him for dedicating 10 years of his life to The Behemoth with his art. To many more years to come! Find out more on our blog, and watch our recap video!
  9. Yes, it’s time to shock you and make your eyes bulge out over our big news! This week, we’re adding two more sales to the month of August for Castle Crashers on PlayStation 3. Now, PSN America users will have the chance to get this action packed game for 50% off the original price! And starting August 8th, our fans in Japan will be able to purchase the full version of the game for just 750yen! 安いでしょう? So here’s the full list of sales you’ll find on PlayStation Network around the world: July 31 thru August 14 – Summer Festival PSN Europe/UK/Germany/Australia 50% Off and PS+ Users get an additional 10% Off! August 6 thru August 20 PSN America 50% Off, so about $7.49 for the full game with hours of adventure! August 8 thru August 19 PSN Japan 50% Off, which is 750 JPY. やった! So, what are you waiting for? Show us what your knights are made of!