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Found 5 results

  1. --EDIT 2: Character list is up and will be updated!-- There was only one Puyo thread on the forums, and it was in 2010, with no responses. Shame on you people. So here is where we talk about Puyo Pop / Puyo Puyo games. It's a Japanese puzzle game series from Sega, and it's heavily addicting. Few titles in the series ever made it to the US / Europe, it's really a shame. And if you need a Puyo fix without having to spend yen on or whatever, there's a free clone Puyo game called 'Puyo Puyo VS 2', and you can fight various players online (up to 10, I believe) and it's fully customizable, from characters to music and stages. I go on there every now and then on the #Main server. Here's the characters available so far: By MorgLikesGames: Super Mario Morgan Shulk (Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U) By GoldenGhost: Gunt la Gunt in 3D By Mr. Hatty: Zane the Great (aka Pac-Zane)
  2. Hello guys, if you loved the golden era of Sega Mega-Drive Genesis or you like coop and comedy games you should Back this project. ToeJam & Earl fans unite! This time Sega won't be publishing this game, as indies it now depends on us funding the creators and real owners of this game (Greg Johnson and Mark Voorsanger) with Kickstarter. The game revisits the format of the original game, featuring 2D character models on 3D worlds with overhead perspective, and is planned to support local coop and online multiplayer up to 4 players. It will feature old and new earthlings (enemies), presents (items) and added gameplay mechanics: - Some multiplayer only presents like "switch bodies" as it says, switch the players positions so it can be a good or bad thing; - Cooperative moves like Toejam going over the shoulder of Earl and use a tomatoe machinegun; - Each character will have it's unique stats so the gameplay from a character to another will be a different experience; - There will be hats that you can wear to boost your stats; - You can improve your character, some of the items can be carried between game sessions; - There will be rhythm gameplay like toejam & earl 2 and if reaches the stretch goal, they will add the Hyperfunk Zone too. - And much more... The game will be DRM-Free as promised by the devs. Short animated music video promoting the game Fan testimonials video about Toejam and Earl Toejam and Earl was a hit in 1991, an action game that was beyond it's time, was one of the first roguelike games, had random worlds, comedy, jokes, lots of good funk music, fun factor and it had a unique personality. All of that with splitscreen cooperative gameplay. More info: At it's Kickstarter page there is some videos and some screenshots of its very early prototype of this new sequel. That's why you must understand that it's not the final look, but only a concept of the working gameplay. It will be released first for PC (Linux, Mac and Windows) and if it reaches stretch goals versions for videogame consoles will be ported sooner than it would be: PS4, XboxONE e WiiU. Screenshot of early prototype concept At this very moment the campaign reached 76% of it's goal of US$ 400.000. We only have 1 week left! Let's make it happen! Now, don't forget to BACK and SPREAD THE WORD about this good news. URL :: They also have many updates on their facebook page: If you have any questions ask the creators at kickstarter or over their facebook. They are really cool. Cheers! PS: I hope it isn't a problem to promote this beloved indie game to Sega fans. Sorry if it was.
  3. After reading this I'm now quite curious on where they're going with their current actions, I mean, putting 300 employees into a forced retirement, Moving their company's location from San Francisco to a more southern location in California, and then changing their focus from console games to PC and Mobile? So I wanted to know what you guys think about Sega's decision to "restructure" their business.
  4. Morg

    Sega Dreamcast

    I'm surprised nobody talked about this dream boat. I happen to own one, along with six games (Chuchu Rocket and Street Fighter 3: Double Impact just arrived!) and two controllers with their own VMU. Let us talk about this great beast of a console.
  5. It looks an awful lot like Namco X Capcom which never came to the US. Yeah, I'm not too well educated on Sega characters that AREN'T Sonic Characters. Although I'm fairly certain the last guy in the concept art is Akira Yuki from Virtua Fighter. I will gladly sell my copy of SFxTK if it means this game comes to the US on a home console.