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Found 2 results

  1. Boom! Zwoosh! Ker-pow! Solo Feature Zaplosion_V6 by Swirly Kalen What did you think a Zaplosion would sound like? Buzzzipew POW!? I actually like that one. As you can see, perseverance was key to Swirly Kalen's success in making an amazing playlist. They had not one! Not two! Not four... or five... But SIX! There were six iterations of this playlist to reach level design bliss. So, let's go ahead and pat Swirly on the back, because they deserve it! In this playlist, there will be plenty of mechanics and sequences that will leave you saying "Wow, that was cool! Now I need a bath," because of how incredibly unique they are. There will be moving duck platforms to traverse deadly spike traps, one time boat sequences to reach that A+ yarn, and frog bombs. Please don't make me talk about the frog bombs. This week's re-release is good ol' Toasty Toast. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a flock of toast catch fire with one swoop from a laser beam. That, my friends, is the essence of Zaplosion. [FEATURED SOLO 21-MAR-2014]
  2. *NOTE: This is NOT the end of Furbottom's Features! This is it everyone. I'm pulling the plug. I've always wondered what it looked like outside these white walls. It's going to be so beautiful. We've had a great run, I will surely miss you all. Solo Feature: Game Over by Konster Monster Oh. Umm.... this is awkward. What are you all still doing here? What happened to Game Over? Oh, god! Am I stuck in Creditory!?!? Whelp, might as well make the most of this then. Playing through Konster Monster's Game Over will give you a sense of completeness and fulfillment. You will feel a calmness sweep over you and, for a brief moment, you will be at peace with the world. That's how good this playlist is. Now only if we could get the world's dictators to play it. Hmm.... But, unfortunately, at the exact moment of enlightenment, a buzzsaw will come smashing into your face. Every emotion you have every experienced from completing a game will come flooding into your brain, overloading your synapses until you collapse on the ground in a fit of depression and ecstasy. I just sent chills up my spine. And then giggled... And then cried. But, as you have seen at the end of BattleBlock Theater (and if you haven't, shame on you), there is always something mysterious lurking around the corner. There is always a new adventure waiting to be discovered. So, NO! This is NOT the end! I will now quote a song by a band that is named after half a blue hedgehog: "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end" Holy hotdog! I forgot to mention, I found this little guy while in Creditory. He must have gotten lost on his way from Honey Huggleton. Stay classy my furry, horned friends. Enjoy!! [Featured SOLO 28-FEB-2014]