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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, and welcome to the Star Head Exchange! I have dedicated this page to those who don't want their Star Heads, or do, but would prefer gems or yarn, as I have begun my collection of every head, and have a TON of gems and yarn to trade for them. Don't go running away though, as I am open to trading head for head, however you will need to clarify which head you want to trade for which in your form, and I will respond on whether or not I agree to go along with the trade. The way I will be doing this is I have a list of the Star Heads that I have and the ones I need below, along with my personal "Top Most Wanted" which is basically the heads I don't have that I want the most. A high amount of gems or yarn is guaranteed if you offer one of the top most wanted. You must specify your GamerTag, pick which of the Star Heads I need that you would like to trade to me, whether you want gems, yarn (the amount I will give is on the list of heads) or one of my heads, and tell me your timezone and time you would like to trade. If I accept your trade then we can meet at the time you specified, if not I will reply to you. Note: I am somewhat new to Battleblock, and don't know what heads are considered very "rare" or "common", so if some of my offers are extraordinarily high or low, please let me know. Thanks! [RULES] [FORM FORMAT] [HEAD LIST] Thanks for visiting, reading and trading!
  2. We have a Devil May Cry thread already, but it's a super-old one I dedicated to the reboot. Since the franchise is going to be getting a bit more attention soon, I thought this thread would be a good idea. I really enjoy the Devil May Cry games, even including DmC (after I finally gave it a chance to impress me). I've heard that DmC: Definitive Edition fixes some of the technical stuff I didn't like about the original game too, so I'm hoping to play that eventually. But I love the original series a lot more, and this new trailer for DMC4: Special Edition has me super excited. Like, seriously excited. Vergil is back!
  3. Welcome to the Top Favourite Prisoners Thread! I have dedicated this thread to finding out what the community thinks is the very best prisoner/head out there! This includes both Star/Special heads and your average everyday not-so-special shape heads. Any prisoner can be the best prisoner (Custom prisoners are not allowed)! All it takes is your vote, and here's how it will work: Below, tell me which prisoner is your absolute favourite, and why, whether it be because of it's hilarious looking face or because it reminds you of someone you know, I want to know why that prisoner deserves to be the very best! And if you can't choose just one, you can feel free to choose your top two or three favourites. Just don't choose all of them... Okay? (Some of the non-special heads don't have a name, so if you pick one of them, make sure you leave a link to a picture, or find out what their name is.) Whichever prisoner is voted for the most will get to wear the Crown of the Very Best. So scroll down, and tell me who deserves to wear the crown! Looks like Lava Lamp is the first to 3 votes, so it shall be the first to wear The Crown! Special Prisoner List and Prisoner Populaton Chart: ♛CROWN OF THE VERY BEST♛
  4. Welcome to the new, official... Hooshmand ~The Wise!~ Thread!!! Here you can: -Discuss the head -Trade with others for the head -Name offers -Say if you have him or not -Etc. Rules: -No begging -No hate comments because you don't have it Have fun! Enjoy yourself!
  5. Never missed a head before, didn't know it was a one day thing :/ But yea anyways I need him, I will be willing to buy him for gems, yarn, but not star heads, I only have one of each sorry, I don't have much either which is saddening but if you are feeling generous or anything please post below, thanks!
  6. BattleBlock Theater fanatics who playthrough the entire Furbottom’s Features OR Arena Feature will be getting a special prisoner unlock! For a limited time only, the Behemoth Chicken Prisoner will be awarded to any BattleBlock Theater player who finishes an entire Featured playlist! It will be switched with a new prisoner unlock and we’re not telling when, so get it ASAP! Source: Anyone have more details about it? Just with finish an entire featured playlist we get the free prisoner unlock?