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Found 10 results

  1. EDIT: I've gotten pretty busy with school, so what I'm currently doing is when I get a chance to, I log on and if any of the people I still have to trade with are on I invite them. I'll let you guys know when I'm more available. Until then I have your names on the list and won't trade any of the star heads that you've asked for. So I just recently finished my collection of star heads. During my collecting I ended up with extras of some star heads. I'm giving my extras away in the hopes it helps other people finish their collections. I'm asking for 21 yarn for each head because I want lots of yarn for no reason, but any amount of extra yarn you have would be fine. Also, I only have one extra of each so once it's been claimed it's gone. EDIT: I've decided to put the peoples forum username or gamertag next to the heads they asked for to make sure people see which are taken, and to help me keep track. And as a reminder to myself bold gt/username = fulfilled, not bold = unfulfilled. Rules: 1. 1 star head per person 2. Check the list to make sure the head you're asking for is actually on there, I'll update the list every so often until I run out of heads that anyone cares about. 3. Leave your gamertag, and a good time to trade. I'm in EST and evenings/weekends work best for me. 4. Buckle Your Pants Star Head List: Alien Hominid - komedo FBI Agent #1 Donut Paul - ShadowMHog Boot - Hatty Hatt1ngton Sausage 25% off - OccupiedMarkus Triple Threat Steamroll Victim #1 Steamroll Victim #2 - BlueKnight000 Stubby - Pratt Dog20 Meebs Little Feets Moose Man Birth I See You Mr. Peabody Hatzilla - Jizue Hooshmand the WIse Cat Control Wheels - unidonut Snail Blocketeer - RedHotSword3256 Toothbrush Ms. Pump Winston - Cat Guard Cyber Monday (Present) - CVanquisherZ Santa - mike51601 Duckshark - kobrakid8059 Johnny Four Toast - Richka 99 Troll Swamp Bro - BehemothChicken Barbarian Castle Crasher Giraffy Rammy - Ninja Lemur Purham Furbottom My Gamertag is: blueninja666
  2. I am looking to get either Boom, Winston, snail, lava lamp, fat kid, or blocketeer. I have to offer: 1 roses 1 furbottoms 1 chickens 9 donuts 9 trolls 1 triple threat 40k Gems 30 Yarn My GT is SheepPlaysGames
  3. TEMPORARILY CLOSED TO CATCH UP ON THE BACK LOG OF ORDERS AND LOSS OF DATA. I DO NOT ACCEPT PRE-ORDERS, SO IF YOU POST ONE, I'LL GIVE YOU A LITTLE REMINDER SAYING SO. [DISCLAIMER] This shop is aimed towards collectors, so the prices reflect that. I apologize to anyone who believes these prices are too steep (They're actually quite cheap to collectors in general), but they cannot and will not be changed. Also, I am not liable for any reprecussions from breaking the rules even if you didn't read them. That is your liability. Please keep it clean here, as I suspect a wide variety of age groups will see this! :3 WELCOME! TO BATTLEBLOCK THEATER! This is the loud welcoming you recieve when you first attend the great establishment, and if you were anything like me, you looked through everything you could as soon as possible. What might've you noticed? The star heads of course! As soon as I learned what the Star Heads really were, I wanted them ALL, and since then have gotten them all, but along the way I struggled, be it from scammers, jerks, or annoying friends, and I was very irritating missing just a handful of heads. That is why I am here today! I've had 5 backup accounts with every star head, but now, I'm gonna empty those out! I SELL STAR HEADS. CHEAP! (But not yet. I need to build up some hype before I open, of course! I will open on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6TH [This Wednesday] at 12:00 PST!) 100 gems or 20 yarn for 1 head. Fairly cheap, right? The way this works is that in the comments below, you will post the name of the head you want in the comments below with your XBOX LIVE GAMERTAG and TIME ZONE. I will thus trade you the head you want as long as everything follows the following rules: [RULES] (Important to read, but boring enough to skip anyway. You're liable to follow them either way!) [HEADS] [ORDER FORM] [CURRENT ORDERS] [COMPLETED ORDERS] Thanks to everyone who comes out here! Thanks for reading this lengthy post, and happy collecting!
  4. Hey guys I really want these heads if you have one or both please comment
  5. I got this game the day it came out, unfortunately along the way, my xbox was stolen (long story) anyway, I need some of the star heads I wasn't able to get while I didn't have an Xbox. I have a couple star heads that I have on my sisters account that she doesn't want so I can trade for those. The heads I'm missing are as follows: - Unicorn - Thief - Mrs. Pump - Groundhog - FBI Agent 2 - Barbarian - Meebs - Cecil - Rammy - Cybermonday (present head) - The King - Santa - Turkey - Scuba Steve - Hooshmand - Johnny Four - Nose Knows These are the heads I have for trade: - Behemoth Chicken - Donuts - Boot - Snail - I See You - FBI Agent 1 I obviously can't evenly trade for all heads but I can also trade all the gems and yarn you could want. Please message me here or on XBL (Hoboking257) to set up trade.
  6. I almost have a full collection. I only need FBI Agent #2 and am willing to offer some pretty rare star heads for one. The heads I have up for trade are: Lava Lamp Rammy Toast The Monster The Final Unicorn Groundhog Ms. Pump Swamp Bro Cyber Monday (present) Stubby Hatzilla Gerard Man Birth Rose Winston Alien Hominid Castle Crasher I also have around 2,000 gems and 380 yarn but I doubt anyone would want that. I'm willing to trade multiple heads if necessary.
  7. Hello Prisoners, today I am introducing you to my new game: The Head Version Game! What to do:take a released star head (ex. I see You) Just take components from others heads and your own ideas, and mix them into a new head Rules: Don't copy others Don't Use photoshop (unless it's a small component not like an entire head)(you can use either the regular or a blank, and move the character onto the blank and start that way Be respectful to others creations Don't use Hatty Extras That can help you:You can use your own heads (even the ones from like last year) I will choose the head you have to edit when 5+ say "I'm in" means you have 2 days to work then when I say times up, post it.Then there will be 1st 2nd 3rd, then I choose another, and so on.Also if you participate alot in it and there is a head that look hard, you can say "I'm out" and you can skip until the next head.Also I might use custom heads from the internet. Well, here is the head.Say I'm In to be able to draw the head for the comp. Good Luck! Head:Scuba Steve
  8. I am looking for: King Theif Swamp Bro Barbarian I have to offer: (I have these heads on my other Accs... So I would have to get them) Unicorn Lava Lamp Bomb and More. Thanks Also My GT is SheepPlaysGames