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Found 11 results

  1. Hey I was just wondering who else out there has all the head in Battleblock Theater including star heads! I have every single head so far so I was wondering who else does?
  2. I traded the Apple head for either the toothbrush or the buckle your pants which one of them were a good idea or was keeping the Bobbins head better?
  3. GT: Pratt dog20 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Looking for unicorn willing to give 15 yarn and 700 gems add me if interested ________________________________________________________________________________________ P.S Moding Glitching and scamming are not acceptable and you will be reported note I will be recording while trading with you but I wont post it to yt twitch or anything unless I give it to behemoth ________________________________________________________________________________________ ADD ME AND MSG ME IF INTRESTED ________________________________________________________________________________________ Stay Sexy my friends
  4. Hello My GT is Pratt dog20 I am on xbox360 and I am looking for the cecil starhead willing to buy it for 350 gems if interested send request and message saying deal also I will be doing starhead giveaway when I get all starheads if you give me the cecil you may end up getting it or even more heads back ________________________________________________________________________________________ P.S NOTE ALL TRADES ARE RECORDED FOR MONITERING PURPOSES TO PREVENT HACKERS GLITCHERS AND SCAMMERS! ________________________________________________________________________________________ Will Also throw in 21 yarn ________________________________________________________________________________________ GT Pratt dog20
  5. I'll also do 10000-20000 gems for all or most of your star heads
  6. NOTE: This is my opinion on the special star head prisoners, not a specific, dead-on guide. King (IMAGINE NEEDED) - see footnote 1 Worth: Priceless Star (IMAGINE NEEDED) - see footnote 1 Worth: 0 gems Castle Crashers (IMAGINE NEEDED) - see footnote 1 Worth: 200 gems Alien Hominid (IMAGINE NEEDED) - see footnote 1 Worth: 200 gems Furbottom Worth: 0 gems Behemoth Chicken Worth: 300 gems Winston Worth: 100 gems Donuts Worth: 300 gems Toast Worth: 500 gems Rose Worth: 300 gems Cat Control Worth: 700 gems Lava Lamp Worth: 600 gems Tiny Monkey Worth: 400 gems Manbirth Worth: 300 gems Wheels Worth: 100 gems Steamroll Victim #1 Worth: 100 gems Gerard Worth: 500 gems Sausage Worth 100 gems Duck Shark Worth: 200 gems Siren Worth: 700 gems Blocketeer Worth: 400 gems 25% Off Worth: 100 gems 50% Off Worth: 100 gems Moose Worth: 100 gems Boot Worth: 100 gems Fat Kid Worth: 200 gems Snail Worth: 100 gems Triple Threat Worth: 300 gems Hatzilla Worth: 300 gems Giraffey Worth: 200 gems Buckle Your Pants Worth: 500 gems I See You Important: Released to my Furbottom's Features coop adventure playlist "Mis Adventures". Worth: Priceless to me Tooth Brush Important: Released to my Furbottom's Features coop adventure playlist "Mis Adventures". Worth: Priceless to me Snakeface Worth: 100 gems Tiny Cyclops Worth: 100 gems Boom! Worth: 400 gems Steamroll Victim #2 Worth: 100 gems Stubby Worth: 100 gems Mr. Bobbins Worth: 100 gems Mr. Peabody Worth: 200 gems The Dad Worth: 100 gems Paul Worth: 200 gems The Nose Knows Worth: 100 gems Jonny Four (IMAGINE NEEDED) - see footnote 2 Worth: 100 gems Hooshmand ~The Wise~ Worth: 1,000 gems Troll Worth: 0 gems Will be adding: -How to unlock each. -How much each is worth in my opinion. -Rating of each from first to last in my opinion. -What you guys think I should also add. Footnote 1: Need imagine with the same background with the same text, will mention your name for your assistance, thank you. Footnote 2: Need small imagine of Jonny Four, will mention you for your assistance, thank you.
  7. Requesting lock I messed up on this thread pretty badly, thank you.
  8. I often find a lot of people on xbox 360 Battleblock Theater getting scammed, I have not been scammed yet, so I have tested some strategies I made to prevent scamming. The first thing you and other players will notice is a big deal, the starheads. Remember not to do a trade that is over 100 gems, that can easily scam somebody, instead, try to trade 100 gems or under. Another idea is to listen to how desperate the other players are for a certain trade, the more desperate they are, the better chance a fair trade can be made. If you have any ideas, please tell me. I use my formula to prevent scammers. It is called the DTF, also known to me as the Defensive Trade Formula. Formula: Item value is a scale of how much you value and item 0 through 100. Desperateness is how much you want an item 0 through 100. Fair trade % = 80% value of other item + desperateness * 0.50 + value of your item divided by 10. Example: value of item is 60. 80% of 60 is 48. I want an item for 100 desperateness. 48 + 100 = 148. 148 * 0.50= 74. My item value is 80. 80 divided by 10 = 8. 74 + 8 = 82% fair trade. Example 2: value is 100. 80% of 100 is 80. I want an item for 100 desperateness. 80 + 100 = 180. 180* 0.5 = 90. My item value is 100. 100 divided by 10 = 10. 90 + 10 = 100% fair trade.
  9. Who else is waiting for dlc for Battleblock? i decided it would be fun to start a thread and show you guys some of my ideas for dlc's and read some of yours every time i go on the forums. My ideas are Idea 1: Candy Island The friends are on a boat and the circle head character is wearing a captains helmet and the narrator is saying things like "wow what an uneventful journey" and then everything spirals out of control and a pirate gang boards their ship. The circle head tries to talk to the other captain and they make their way to the candy island (like the narrators comment in the begging of the game) when you get there the first chapter is on the deck of the ship and the enemies wear pirate hats and everything is wooden. after that everything is retextured like candy blocks and maybe chocolate cats or cats that are made out of some kind of candy. later the group discovers that the pirates found hatty's hat and they covered it with chocolate. They jokingly wear it and they get possessed like hatty and start building a second theater on candy island. Each Dlc would have 4 chapters and the 4th chapter would be in the construction of the second theater and you have to destroy the theater and save Candy island. Also after every dlc you would get a star character and a new weapon: Star Head: Gingerbread Head Weapon: Gumdrops (you place them down and when a enemy gets near it they blow up) Please give constructive criticism -Will edit more ideas later- Post your ideas please - Max
  10. So I was playing BBT tonight and I entered the gift shop and a random guy had a fish starhead, it's in the picture below. He traded it to me, is it unique or I just missed a Furbottom's Feauture?
  11. So I was playing BBT tonight and I entered the gift shop and a random guy had a fish starhead, it's in the picture below. He traded it to me, is it unique or I just missed a Furbottom's Feauture?