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Found 1 result

  1. I think that if there was a steam workshop for CCR then there wouldn't be a constant stream of fans working your shafts trying to get the DLC they so desire. With the Steam Workshop they'd be able to make their own custom characters and DLC themselves, and this way you won't have to worry about anyone being dissappointed because they'll have everything exactly how they want it! People could add their own gamemodes, characters, weapons, pets, levels, you name it. Heck, they could even create their own stories that can be played from an alternate menu or something. I'm willing to bet my life savings that you don't even have half as much fan demand for BattleBlock Theater simply because players can already create their own content. Just do it for Castle Crashers and then you'll have little to no fan demand anymore. Just entertain the thought at least and if this is legitimately impossible for you then please provide any lamentations in the comments so that I can at least understand why you can't do it. Just anything that lets me know you actually considered this.