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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Behemoth Community, I'm going to create a more open discussion because honestly, we arent active enough now days to talk specifics. I want to talk about fighting games as a whole! Have you been playing any good ones? What are some of your favorites? Currently I've been playing a lot of Under Night, the game is amazingly fun and the characters feel so fresh. I hear there's a problem with the top tier characters being a fair bit overpowered but that's every fighting game pretty much. Byakuya is by far my favorite character to play, his interesting twist on traps and rushdown is just super fun and effective. Btw I'm always looking for others to play fighting games with, so feel free to add me on Discord, Steam, PSN, Xbox Live, all under: FlamingPaperCup
  2. I'm surprised we don't have a thread for Street Fighter V yet. Lets talk about it! What kind of characters are you hoping to see? Any characters you already want to main just from seeing videos of them? Personally I'm really hoping to see Juri, Twelve, and Adon back.