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Found 13 results

  1. I think we should start a topic of all the different heads (characters) and weapons that we as a community have seen. We can post images, videos, or describe heads and weapons that we have seen at conventions like comic-con or PAX, or what we have seen on the Internet. I will start Weapons: Ice Cannon Dart Gun Boomerang Bouncy Ball Thing (that pops on contact.) Green toxic bubble gun Grenade Explosive frisbee Fan Electricity ball Fire ball Characters (heads) Airplane Square head with an open mouth Cyclops Pineapple Guy with a cat scratching at his head( yes this character always has a cat on his head, with little blood marks where the scratching was) Obviously the basic two eyes and a line mouth head Mustache head Clown Cardinal Rammy Rabbit Angry Faic (the boss health bar face) Ninja Cat Guy with the Monocle and Top Hat Mummy Skeleton Jimbo No Teeth (A character with no eyes and a large under-bite.) Football Player Fish head Some dude with a squid on his face A house (includes windows, a door, a rooftop, and I think a chimney) DJ headphones A mushroom cap (on top of the cylinder head) Some kind of astronaut/racer-esque helmet. It's a helmet with a visor. Breakfast face (Sunny-side up eggs for eyes and bacon for mouth, cylinder head) Square-head with a wide, open mouth. A chameleon-like head with an open mouth. A peasant-like round head. I saw a new rabbit and new cat head. A new pirate-like head (bearded with a bandana) Cylinder-shaped head Dog face Squiggly mouth circle head monster guy Plant Face and this guy I know I have missed a lot but if people could start saying what they have seen that would be great Try not to repeat ideas and TELL THE TRUTH! Lets keep it to weapons and head that we have proof of existing. No guesses, only facts from online or stated from an official behemoth employee.
  2. The following is a fan theory about how Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers and and Battleblock Theater relate to each other in regards to continuity. The following may also contain spoilers on any of the three game The Behemoth's version of Earth is a parallel version of our Earth with the key difference being the omnipotent divine creator in TB's Earth (their God) is a cosmic bear know as Honey Hug who creates creatures and allows them to live in order to entertain and eternally slaves to him. Now, Battleblock Theater takes place before both Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid. After Honey Hug created Earth, he craved spectacle and sacrifice, which frightened the only sentient creatures HH created, felines. The felines, or cats if you will, lacked the coordination to appease HH, but HH spared them of death, instead creating a new race of being, Humans to appease him. One human in particular, Purrham Furbottom, was told by HH to lead the cats in their attempts at sacrifice. He was given a special hat to show his dominance/dominion over the cats, and created an illuminati-type organization to control the goings-on in the world and insure HH didn't obliterate them and was appeased. So, Furbottom was the head of this cat organization, and would very secretly and (as humanely as possible) capture people to entertain HH in the theater, and when he was bored of them, be murdered. Furbottom and the cats lived very happily, because HH was being properly appeased and allowed them to prosper. However, one day Furbottom croaked (specifically he s*!+ himself to death) and the cats panicked, who would lead them and keep HH from showing his wrath? They were deemed unfit to lead already, but they soon became aware of one of Furbottom's secrets, the hat was actually a military weapon, constructed to fire a laser so powerful it could destory HH, bite the hand that feeds, free them of their chains. However, the hat could not be properly used by the cats, so for years they continued to to capture prisoners, although now in a violent way. This angered HH, and made him get up from his metaphorically literal bed in the cosmos and journey towards TB Earth to destroy all of his creations in a fit of rage. The cats then frantically tried to put the hat on their prisoners, but started noticing the hats actually sucked in the souls of those who wore it. Eventually, after the events of BBT ensue and Hatty is rescued (during the ending cutscene), his soul finally had the last of itself sucked out of Hatty's body and into the hat, which in turn had been so filled that it exploded and activated its lasers, which was able to nearly kill HH and incapacitated him for many years. HH, barely alive, limped back further into the cosmos and ended up in a coma-like state to recover. The same laser as before (from Hatty's hat) also destroyed a spaceship piloted by an alien passing by. Enter Alien Hominid. So now Hatty's souless body is at the bottom of the sea and Alien Hominid crashes in the USA where the events of Alien Hominid ensue, all the while their wrathful god, Honey Hug, is still incapacitated. After Alien Hominid escapes, he goes back to his home planet and brings all of his race back down to capture the beefy FBI produced Alien. While there, they looked around and saw how much damage one Alien could do to this unprotected society, and decided to enslave humanity. Many years later, HH recovers/regenerates and sees how these Aliens have now become children of the Hominid instead of worshipers unto himself. In his rage he decided to unleash a nuclear holocaust sorta deal on the Earth, destroying most everything with few survivors, most of which being Aliens. The few survivors rebuild society in a Medieval-type way, seeing how most technology was wiped out by HH. Sidebar: Thinking he destroyed everyone already, HH abandons this Earth for new ventures seeing how there is presumably nothing more there to entertain him. Due to the radition/magic/whatever to call Honey Hug's power, some inhabitant's genes were altered a la the NBC show Heroes, granting them magical abilities, some use for good, some for evil, then the events of CC happen after a pre-emptive strike by the evil to the good, yadda yadda. After the events of CC, the large concentration of magic/whatever by The Wizard fight attracts HH as he discovers that civilization indeed still exists, and lives in blasphemy towards him, so he decides to finish this once and for all. Fearing their imminent demise, the heroes/knights team up with the alien who survived their feud in the desert level to construct a time machine powered by the Alien's technology and the knights' magic. They travel back in time to the days of Battleblock theater, where they make the following adjustments to the timeline: Furbottom is saved (Hence his status as a secret prisoner in BBT), however the time machine malfunctions while their, instead of transporting the Alien, Knight and Purrham it ages them by decades (Hence Furbottom's middle-aged appearance when unlocked as a playable character). Being so different, he is not recognized by the cats and promptly imprisoned, along with the Alien and the Knight. The events then follow as usual since Furrbottom is still presumed dead by the Cats, however since he is not dead he is able to free Hatty's soul at the last second at the boat. Though Hatty then became a friend to all once more, this still left HH to destroy them all, so Purrham sacrificed himself to detonate the hat and incapacitate HH as before, now that they are free of HH and the cat's control, they use the technology of that time to fix the time machine and go back into the future with Hatty, only to find that history had repeated itself since Purrham still fulfilled the prophecy of shooting Honey Hug. However, now in the future (back in CC) Hatty and the alien come to help the knights fight with their abilities from different times (hence the BBT compatibility pack and the AH character you get in CC if you owned the game), In the end, they defeat the wizard but use the Alien's weaponry with the laser hat and obliterate HH once and for all, leaving the knights, villagers, aliens and others to rebuild civilization and live in peace. Leaving anything open for Game 4 after, before, or during these events. THE END. Now of course, this is all crazy speculation and probably completely untrue, but if you can't tell I love BBT and TB"s other games enough to try and find the connection, so please leave comments citing whether or not you agree or disagree with these possibilities or just find it interesting, ya'll have a merry day now! P.S. thanks again Behemoth for all three of these quality titles, we love you
  3. Did you know I have a youtube? No? Well check it out! Here! I make tons of content for Castle Crashers, Battleblock Theater, and more! Those are just a couple, check out my channel and see all the content I create! Thanks, subscribe!
  4. Earlier today, the Behemoth released their first trailer for Pit People. Thoughts? Edit: Something's wrong with the URL, I don't know what's wrong :/
  5. Hey Behemoth Chickens! We've been busy here at the studio with Game 4 development and with the start of trade show season. It's been super helpful having our wonderful moderators on board to check up on the forums. However, we lost one of our mods last year and our current mods are doing their best with juggling work, school, forums, etc. They're doing an awesome job regardless, but they could use another hand or two with keeping everything squeaky clean! We're opening up an application period for anyone who is interested in becoming a moderator. We'll be looking for at least one or two more moderators in the next month. Submit your applications by 5PM PST on Monday, April 6th, 2015. Here's what we need: What being a moderator entails New moderators will start as "mods" which is basically "moderator level 1" and can be promoted to higher levels over time. This is a volunteer position, and moderator status can be removed at any time by my, or any other The Behemoth employee discretion. As a moderator, your main functions, other than general peacekeeping, are to find and move misplaced topics into the appropriate sections, redirecting/locking dead or dupe threads, reporting posts/people, and directing me to things that need my attention. IMPORTANT: Moderators don't make the rules, they help to enforce them. Occasionally, the rules will be developed or altered based on the progression of the forums. We judge potential Moderators based on their behavior on the forums. Promising to stop breaking the rules or be more mature after becoming a Moderator doesn't give us much to work with. Here is what we are looking for in a moderator: Maturity: you must be mature enough to handle tough situations, angry, flaming trolls, people calling you names, all sorts of stuff while remaining calm and not reacting emotionally. Power-trips will not be tolerated. Activity & Proactivity: You must be an active member, but you don't necessarily need to post crazy lots. If you lurk here, post occasionally, and are familiar with the community and what is going on, that’s fine. In fact, if you tend to post very very frequently, then you may not be happy as a moderator. This is because as an official moderator, you would have to take a step back from engaging in personal debates, and posting your personal opinions about individuals to a large degree. Grammar, spelling, clear post etiquette: I’ll be looking back through your post history to see if your style of posting is clear and easy to read. Helpfulness and positive attitude: We are looking for people who really want to help the community, and will bring a positive attitude to the table! Availability: We're going to try to find people in a variety of time zones, who can focus on different areas of the forums. extra points if you are online between 2am-4am PST! Languages: Reading/Writing languages other than English is a plus! Requirements: Minimum 3 months as a member of forums No active warnings (nothing in the past 6 months) 50 post minimum Must be at least 16 If you are interested please send me an email with the following information: 1) What's your forum username? 2) How much time would you say you spend in the forums each day? 3) Which forum sections do you spend the most time in? Which the least? 4) What time of day do you usually spend time in here? (Mornings? Evenings? Middle of the night?) Also, what time zone are you in? 5) How old are ya? 6) Do you speak/write any other languages? (not required, just curious!) 7) What is your actual full name? If you aren't selected this time around, do not despair, we will keep you in mind for next time! Stay an active, helpful member and we'll always need more mods down the line. Thank you to everyone who is interested in helping out!! Send your apps to games[at]thebehemoth[dot]com and all moderators will review as a group and we'll let you know if we have any questions. Deadline will be April 6, 2015. Selection process may go until the end of April, but we'll post the new moderators by the first week of May 2015!
  6. We missed doing this last year but we're happy to be celebrating Halloween with you this year! Will you be having a night of knights, prisoners or aliens? Want to test your mad carving skills and take it to the max, Behemoth style? To enter this contest just post a photo of your BattleBlock Theater, Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid, PDA Games, or Dad ‘N Me or other Behemothy creation in this thread on our forums. On the night of November 4th this thread will be locked, so get your entries in by then! We will review the entries and on November 9th we'll select at least three winners in each category: Costumes and Carvings. Judging will be based on originality, hilarity and craftsmanship. Prizes will include Behemoth T-shirts, figurines, and other fun goodies to add to your Halloween swag. The most important thing is to have fun and please be respectful to other contestants. Can't wait to see all the creatively crafty entries! Rules n stuff: group entries are allowed! you entry must be your own creation (or your group’s, parent’s, family’s). if you won in a previous year, you can’t win again with the same entry. So try something new! you may enter more than once Do not post comments on the entries in this thread. I'd like to keep this thread to just entries, so it's easy for us to find the entries. This discussion thread was be created so you can discuss ideas, thoughts on people's entries (Respectful posts that aren't insults!), post questions, etc. Need ideas?? Check out all the frighteningly awesome entries from the winners of our last Halloween contest HERE!
  7. It is not that I want to be a mod but I have always wondered how do you become one?
  8. July 4th weekend we’ll be at Rooster Teeth Expo in Austin, TX and you’ll be able to meet us at Booth 131! We’re bringing out all of our big titles in our big arcade cabinets: Alien Hominid, BattleBlock Theater, and Castle Crashers. These cabinets were specifically designed by our producer, John Baez, and custom built in-house by our crew for shows like RTX. Come experience our games with the retro feel of a joystick and huge buttons. (Your fingers will be delighted!) And if that isn’t reason enough to come say hello, then we will do our best to entice you with our high quality game merchandise. Some of the highlights include our “Game 4?” tee and never before seen Hatty Hattington bust! For a more complete list and prices, check out the details below: SHIRTS $20 W = women’s sizes available Skeleton Battle (W) SS Friendship (W) Pooping Deer (W) Tofu (W) Game 4? (W) Cat Guard HATS $15 Aviator Cubano Duck Shark Plush Raccoon Plush Bitey Plush CASTLE CRASHERS FIGURINES $20 Blue Knight Red Knight Green Knight Orange Knight Pink Knight 4 Pack $60 CASTLE CRASHERS CHARMS $5 Chicken Cardinal MonkeyFace Giraffe BiPolar Bear Troll Bitey Pazzo Rammy KEYCHAINS $5 3D Knight Flat Knight Behemoth Chicken Alien Hominid Hatty Thief Red Knight Blue Knight Green Knight Orange Knight Pink Knight Necromancer Racoon Barbarian Cat Guard OTHER Chicken Plush $20 Cat Guard Dog Toy $10 Cat Guard Piggy Bank $20 Necromancer Wallet $15 Castle Crashers XBLA Code and Medallion $15 Hatty Bust $15 NOTE: All merchandise and games shown are subject to change. We plan it out to the best of our abilities, but sometimes stuff happens. Amirite? Let us know what you look forward to most from our booth at RTX! Leave us a comment below!
  9. Hey Y'all, Sorry I've been in Japan and didn't get a chance to do a proper summary of the event last week. Just in case you missed any of our daily recap posts, here are the links for our blog posts during our time in Kyoto for BitSummit: BitSummit 2014 - Prep BitSummit 2014 - Day 1 BitSummit 2014 - Day 2 BitSummit 2014 - Day 3 Everything was pretty sugoi (impressive and fantastic), but the only thing I regret was not getting picked up by a giant cat in Japan. Oh, well. Can't do everything in one trip!
  10. Hey I was just wondering what all the member titles were on The Behemoth? Like right now I am Hatchling Level 4 What are all the member titles and how are they achieved? By posting? Being a member for a long time? Just curoiusity
  11. I saw someone ask for a Marcus Fenix CC Knight, and I just though how awesome gears could look in CC style. But, as my favorite character is Anthony Carmine (Gears 1)...
  12. Yay! Let's keep celebrating with another contest! The Behemoth fans who want to join us in celebrating our 10th year Anniversary and who want a chance at winning awesome prizes continue reading: How to join our Contest on Twitter 1) Follow The Behemoth on Twitter 2) Draw a picture of The Behemoth chicken and write "The Behemoth" somewhere on the drawing. It can be as terrible as you want! 3) Take a photo of your drawing or scan it. Then send the photo to us on Twitter. Be sure to tag @thebehemoth in your tweet! Click HERE for an example. 4) Do this once a day! Until Monday, June 3rd, 10AM PDT. Each person can enter into the opportunity drawing each day with a Behemoth Chicken drawing! Upload the photo, or take a photo of drawing, whatever you'd like! We'll choose up to 10 winners and those winners will get a chance to win one of the following: Behemoth Chicken keychain Castle Crashers phone charm Extra rare copy of Dan Paladin's Watermelon CD Castle Crashers code or BattleBlock Theater code Deadline is Monday, June 3rd at 10AM PST. One drawing per person per day only, please!
  13. So The Behemoth is currently working on BattleBlock Theater and getting the Necromancer statue read for sale, along with other Necromancer related clothing for sale. I was wondering if you guys have any fututre game ideas in mind after BBT or what the next big move is?