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Found 4 results

  1. I got castle crashers to celebrate Christmas. I have to say, I am a little disappointed when it comes to the fact there is pretty much no variety whenever people pick characters on multiplayer. Translation: THE ONLY CHARACTERS PEOPLE PICK ARE BLUE KNIGHT, RED KNIGHT, AND INDUSTRIALIST. Come on people, at least try to pick something new. Oh wait, they did: the fencer. Seriously. I currently play as hatty and Conehead-two characters I unfortunately don't see often. I don't mean to point fingers at people, but guides all around the net state that the RKN, BKN, Industrialist, and Fencer are probably to blame. To anyone out there trying out "different" characters, I salute you. Thank you for your time. EDIT: Green Knight was my first, because hey, Master Chief is green, and honestly, who doesn't like being the only one that can control poison? ( plus I heard that he is Dan P's favorite character.)
  2. Gentlecats and ladies, wel- wait, no, that isn't right, ah, here- Ladies and Gentlecats, I proudly present to you two ALL NEW full-15-level-each arena playlists by MeltedCow: Arcadia and The Art of War Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures to post in the lobby. But here are some sample-descriptions: 3 levels from Arcadia- Go Long - Ball - Going, going, BAM! SLAMDUNKERINO! Options Podium 2 - Gold grab w/ball - The much better remake of the Kat Khaos 2 original. Much, MUCH better remake. Raccalope Den - Muckle - A nice, fast paced cave fight- similiar to Mucklets of Fun, but quicker. 3 levels from The Art of War- Danger Arrives - Muckle - The routine night watch takes a horrid turn... so dodge that artillery! Claim the Halls - King of the Hill - Take the halls for your army, while dodging those two pesky boulder assassins! Final Crossing - Muckle - It looks as if the castle wizard Gondolf has cast a spell on the final bridge to the throne room! Special thanks to: LordlierAlloy2(A Galvantula) CMoNeYNo23(8bitten/LevelDesignGuy) superbrady777 ps3guyguy Swirly Kalen(Swik)* JBrennon Absorbbumblebee(lashuna2001)* Mordecai Guy5(LoverofBattleblockTheater)* The Behemoth for making Battleblock Theater in the first place! *not sure if I got around to testing with you guys but thanks for volunteering if you didn't! i can't exactly remember I personally think these playlists are a major improvement from Kat Khaos 2, so please check 'em out! i bet i sounded like a snob. Sorry, ladies and gentlecats. Hope you enjoy the shows! Oh yes, I forgot, the types of ticket's you need! Make sure to get the ones that say GT:MeltedCow on them! Nothing else! Again, enjoy the shows! EDIT: I have found two mistakes so far: In Raccalope Den, the teleporter on the wall, located on the right side of the stage, has a spike block on the ceiling in front and above it that does not match the color of the spike of the opposite side of the stage. And in the second level of The Art of War, there are no initial spawn points. This was due to my character being the Orange color, making the spawn blocks orange, which matches the sunset color theme of red and orange. I used the mirror in a rush and did not notice it at all. I thought it was a spawn point because of reasons previously stated. Then again, your enemy could be anywhere in battle, right? Dang. I can't talk my way out of this one.
  3. First off... Hello! I just want to let The Behemoth team know that I'm a big fan of their work! You and Bungie are my favourite game creators! Anyway off to what this topic is really about. From Ch. 1 to 7 for me the encores were pretty easy, you just had to keep cool and think it through. But Ch. 8 is a whole different story, were you guys trying to trick me into thinking that Ch. 8 was easy because you did a great job haha! Ch. 8-3... Was that ever rage inducing with the red cube things shooting at you over and over rapidly and spawn killing you. I actually tried to use my dart shooter on the left wall but that failed. haha So how did all of your encores go?
  4. Hey, if anyone from TheBehemoth is reading this, if it is in your power, do you think you could add more sizes for those really cool sweatshirts you offer? I really want one, but I'm not a small or a double extra large size. If it is within anyone reading this's power, please comment! Thanks!