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Found 1 result

  1. I figure I could put both of these topics here since they both basically amount to playing video games to make money (to live and possibly buy more video games?). As you know, Riot Games made a push for pro gamers to get athletic visas to other countries. Which basically allows people to gather for tournaments consisting of international competitions. On the other side of the coin, you have people that aren't competing for a massive cash prize, but instead simply record themselves, the game, and whatever else they talk about. You have people that review games , people who PLAY games , and those who play games in front of a live audience. Many of these people have a great source of income (and a fun one too)! Now what I'd like to know is your opinion on this. Do you believe that this is a gold mine, like many other aspiring youtubers? Or should this remain simply a hobby that people should do for fun instead of money? And do any of you intend on going into pro gaming in any facet? Whether it be League, DOTA, CS, any fighting game? What do you think about people that endlessly train on something like this? And what do you think about e-sports becoming something as international futball?