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Found 1 result

  1. Well seeing as i already made a thread for borderlands 2 when i was excited for it, i thought to myself, "why not make one for the sexyest of sexy games coming out this year that matches up with my excitement for BBT"? If you dont know what sly cooper is, your 15-16 years old and you had a ps2 as a kid, well you pretty much didnt have a good childhood. sly cooper is my all time favorite game series and i have been dying for sly 4 to come out ever since i found out about it. now the game is a ps3 exclusive so just buy one already XD !!! intro to the series: just search it up. im not writing the whole series down. sly 4 videos (im not posting some of them because i hate how they made they game look childish is the new gamescon trailer) first announcement trailer EDIT: ill be posting more videos in separate posts because im not allowed to put many youtube videos in one post