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Found 1 result

  1. Since Blacksmith's splash attack has received a few small updates, he's jumped up a whole letter grade. The only real change that had any significant impact on any rank was just Blacksmith's splash attack and otherwise I just improved rankings and made them more fair. Note that there is no difference between Barbarian and Necromancer's old selves. View the list here: Abridged List: 1) Fencer; S+ 1) Industrialist; S+ 3) Iceskimo; S 3) Blue Knight; S 5) Saracen; A+ 5) Pink Knight; A+ 7) Bear; A 7) Ninja; A 9) Green Knight; A- 10) Royal Guard; B+ 10) Conehead; B+ 12) Red Knight; B 13) Orange Knight; B- 13) Fire Demon; B- 15) Brute; C+ 15) Snakey; C+ 15) Gray Knight; C+ 18) Necromancer; C 19) Skeleton; C- 19) Cultist; C- 19) Barbarian; C- 22) Blacksmith; D+ 23) Killer Beekeeper; D 24) Thief; D- 24) Peasant; D- 24) Civilian; D- 24) Stoveface; D- 24) Open Face Gray Knight; D- 29) King; E+ 30) Alien Homonid; E 31) Hatty Hattington; E-