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Found 14 results

  1. Hey all, me and some of the people over at the Castle Crashers wiki are pleased to announce we will be holding our very first large scale PVP Arena tournament. The tournament will take place June 29th, 3 PM EST, and registration is currently open now. For those of you who aren't interested in participating, the tournament will be live-streamed for your viewing pleasure! During the live-stream we will be running a fundraiser for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. If you're interested in watching, remember to follow the Castle Crashers Wiki on Twitch: Registration Forum:
  2. July 2016 Smash DLC Tournament! Date & Time: TBD A quick shout out to GoldenGhost for letting me steal borrow his format and let me change it to suit this A little blurb before everybody starts freaking out here. Also hi, welcome, and all that jazz. This tournament was founded on the thought of one last tournament before all the new members join from Pit People hype. In the same way that we will embrace these new members as they join, it felt fitting to celebrate their arrival like DLC to the forums, meaning that this tournament is DLC exclusive*. Now I'm not saying if you don't have the DLC you have to buy it to join this, but If you have it, you've gotta use it. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, here's a list of what to expect. *DLC isn't required to play, but if you have it, use it! If not, feel free to use any character, and your opponent will have a free choice of any stage. - - - - - Rules - - - - - -Super Smash Bros for Wii U -1v1 matches -2 stocks per player per match, 5 minute time limit -Rounds will be best of 3 -Double Elimination (This may change depending on how many people can actually join) -No items besides Smash Balls on low -Stages will be selected from all DLC stages. If somebody does not own a stage, the other player may choose -No custom moves or equipment -DLC Characters are required unless you have none -Don't be a jerk - - - - - Prizes - - - - - I have made up a nice variety of awards to hand out afterwards when the results are announced. That and bragging rights... I'm broke sorry guys - - - - - Double Elimination - - - - - - - - - - Sign-ups - - - - - In order to sign up, please include: - Your NNID - Your Timezone (for communication and planning purposes) - Two or more times that would work best for you (Think next week or later please, if possible) - Skype and/or Discord contact info (So I can contact people to keep things flowing) - One fun plan you've got for the summer Note: The deadline to sign up will be at 11:59PM PST of the night before the tournament, so make sure you sign up before then! - - - - - FAQ's - - - - - Good luck!
  3. So The Pokemon Company had it's "shocking" announcement at 9 AM EST this morning, and just like many predicted, it's POKKEN TOURNAMENT! This game is a 2D fighting game being made by The Pokemon Company and Bandai Namco, and is planned for release in Japanese arcades in 2015, after which it will surely come to the Wii U worldwide. Here's the official website: So what do you guys think? Any particular Pokemon you're hoping to see playable? Confirmed Playable Fighters: Lucario Machamp Blaziken Pikachu Suicune Gardevoir Confirmed Support Pokemon: Snivy Fennekin Emolga Lapras Frogadier Eevee
  4. Check out information there, we need to start preparing so the form will be closed on Thursday, November 12th. The date is Saturday, October 24th, 2015. UPDATE: Postponed to November 14th, 2015. Captain Christmas (or just Christmas, as he's known as here.) will be the ref! The application: This is Steam only. Thanks to the Real Time Gamer's Club for sponsoring this tournament, they will be providing the two steam key prizes, Alum, and Elemets: Soul of Fire. Join the group: Please contact me or Christmas if you have any questions!
  5. Do you play Castle Crashers for Steam? Awesome! You're going to love my Steam Group! We currently have 112 members (last time I checked) and are getting more and more each day! We're trying to become the biggest, strongest, most reliable Castle Crashers group on Steam! Join today and get tons of perks like: Free weapons Level help Updates on The Behemoth news Access to our yearly tournament (with prizes!) Access to our minor tournament A help section with lots of guides And more! We also have a saturday night gaming session on, as the name implies, saturday nights! We play tons of different games together as a group and discuss lots of tips for the game! We have a section for Battleblock Theater if you're interested in talking about that! We've got one for Pit People, too, and it will be opened when the game releases. I've also got a very special announcement - We're hosting the first annual Castle Crashers Army Tournament! It hasn't been perfected yet, but you can go ahead and join the group so you'll be notified on any updates! I also am working with Christmas as he's known on these forums to get a prize for the tournament! Stay tuned for updates! I hope you're all interested in joining this group as I've put a lot of work into getting it running. Together, we can be the best Castle Crashers Group out there! Please pop me a friend invite if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
  6. Hello everybody! I'm assuming that when you stumbled upon this thread you were expecting a tournament, due to the name? Well, here it is! I have decided to host the Unofficial Dota 2 August Tournaments! Basically what I'm planning to do is on the first Saturday of every August, we will have a Dota 2 Tournament. Prizes will be simple, yet satisfying. I'm going to lay out the basic rules: - It will be just like playing a random round of Dota. - However, you may not ghost. (Getting a friend to spectate while you play, and there fore knowing what the enemy is doing. Your friends can still spectate though!) - Teams will be randomized through a drawing of a hat. - You will join a team and we will have 2 teams. The teams will face off, depending on how many people we have. If we have 10 people, 2 teams. If we have 20 people, 4 teams. - Everybody only gets one John, use it wisely. That's the basics. Now for more on the event itself: - The event will be hosted on the first Saturday of August, the 1st. - The event will start at 12:30 A.M. PST. - There will be a stream hosted via the channel "TheLegitKiwiOfTheFishies" on twitch. - The prizes will be a "badge" that you can put in your signature. When people ask you what it is, you can say that you rekt The Behemoth Forums in Dota 2. Now I have to post the most complicated stuff, so EVERYBODY NEEDS TO READ THIS: To join the tournament, you need: A steam account. A copy of Dota 2 Reborn. A forum account. Also, you need to join before the 1st of August. When you join, I will give you the name of the team you need to join. On the 1st, the teams will then compete against each other. The match will probably take around a hour, so only sign up if you have that time on your hands. I'm expecting to only have 10 people join, so I'm going to say first come first serve. THE MAX AMOUNT OF PLAYERS WILL BE 20. THAT WAY, THERE WILL ONLY BE 3 MATCHES AT MOST. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. That should be the basics.
  7. I'm coming back like a wrecking ball everyone! This time, I'm not hosting just 1, but 2 tournaments! Welcome to The Behemoth Forums Valentine's Day 3DS and Wii U Smash Tournaments! 3DS date and time: Saturday February 28th at 6pm central time Wii U date and time: cancelled Please let me know if there are any conflicts before 5:45pm central time today (February 28th). The Lovely Rules: Double Elimination The only character restriction is your character of choice must have pink, red, purple, or white in it. Because I love everyone, no stage restricitions Best 2 out of 3 every round except semifinals and finals, which shall be 3 out of 5 No items, Fox only, Final Destination No custom moves allowed 2 stocks If a player disconnects, the decision to redo the match or forfeit will lie in the hands of the players playing the match. If someone disconnected because (s)he was losing, that person will be disqualified. If someone exploits a glitch, it will either be tolerated or the other person will have an automatic victory depending on the case. If the exploiter cannot prove it already exists, that person will be disqualified. If a person is cheating, that person will be disqualified. If you want to sign up for either tournament, you must leave me with your friend code and your Skype name. There will be a Skype group for the tournament. If you will be in the 3DS tournament, I will invite you prior to the start of the tournament. Signups for the 3DS tournament will close today (February 28th) at 5:45pm central time. Bracket will be complete by then. Confirmed 3DS competitors:
  8. Anyone can enter and here are the rules! : - Quiting will result in a disqualification - I will be refferee unless I am playing in that round where someone else will ref - Any weapon is allowed exept Snuggle Bubbler weapons. Zane can still play though - Best 2 out of 3 - Add your gamertag in your post - Day will be either the 20th, or 21st or (most likely) both - Time will be roughly 5:25 - 9:30ish PST - I will post the winners and losers of each round in this topic - (If you can, will Morg make the banners like the Smash Tournament?) - Side-basketing may or may not be aloud - I will accept 16 or so competiters Have fun, and get training!
  9. Well, because I feel that there needs to be another tournament and because I want to get my revenge on Pac Zane, I'm officially hosting..... The Second Behemoth Forums Smash 3DS Tournament! Date and Time: Friday October 17th at 5pm central/ 6pm eastern/ 3pm pacific/ 11pm london? Please let me know if there are any conflicts before Thursday October 16th at 10pm central. Rules: (red ones are up for debate) Single elimination. Best 2 out of 3 every round except semifinals and finals, which will be 3 out of 5. No items, Fox only, Final Destination All stages must be Omega Form, with the exception of Final Destination. No Custom moves. 2 stocks. No redos due to lag. If players disconnect, the match will not be redone and the winner of the match will be whoever was winning at that point based on stock, then damage. If someone disconnected because (s)he was losing, that person will be disqualified. If someone exploits a glitch, it will either be tolerated or the other person will have an automatic victory depending on the case. If the exploiter cannot prove it already exists, that person will be disqualified. If a person is cheating, that person will be disqualified. List of Smashers: Gamefemale (2320-6681-7010) Purple Sonic MorgLikesGames (1891-1668-7887) Dark Pit SaltOnToast (4742-5822-8412) Duck Hunt GoldenGhost (3454-2259-8402) Jigglypuff MisterrQuentin (2380-4124-1826) Shiek IndustrialKnight (4897-7240-9458) White Shirt Little Mac DroppedYourPocket (2191-7933-7696) Robin Chris (0946-2724-5736) Purple/Black Ike Abz2141 (2079-6290-4792) Pink King Dedede daikonboy101 (1220-7285-8257) Captain Falcon Wisp (0473-8764-7253) Marth Scaler193 (1418-6863-8589) ROB Mr. Hatty (aka the Pac Zane) (1461-6708-0572) You all know who Boggle Playing Chicken (4038-6331-9328) Duck Hunt (Yellow/Black or Banjo Kazooie) True213 (2294-5231-8001) Luigi Signups are now closed, sorry, you're too slow, see you next tournament if you are not signed up! If you are not already in my Skype contacts, please add me prior to the start of the tournament. I will also create a Skype group exclusively for this tournament. The group will be created 24 hours prior to the start of the tournament. The bracket will be made immediately after the deadline for signups.
  10. This topic is for... The First Behemoth Forums Smash Tournament!! (Super Smash Bros for 3DS) Date & Time: Sunday October 12 @ 5:00 PM EST / 2:00 PM PST / 10:00 PM BST (London) If you are signed up in the tournament but are not already a Skype contact with me, send me a contact request and I will add you to the private chat for the tournament. My Skype username is Joybuzzer64. Please state what your username on the forums is when you send the request so I know who you are. Thank you! Rules: (the ones in red are up for debate) - Single elimination - No items Fox only, Final Destination - Stages: All stages? Only Omega versions of each stage? Only certain stages? - No custom moves - 2-stock matches - Best-out-of-3 sets, except for semifinals and finals, which will be best-out-of-5 - Matches will not be redone because of lag, no matter how bad it is - If one player accidentally disconnects, the match will be redone once; if it happens again, the match will go to whoever was winning (based on stocks, then based on damage) - If there is ANY indication that someone disconnected just because they were losing, they are automatically disqualified. - Additionally, if anyone is caught legitimately cheating (and no, spamming one attack doesn't count as "cheating"), they are disqualified. - Exploiting glitches will either be tolerated or will result in that match counting as an automatic victory for the other player, depending on the case. Note: if you cannot prove that the glitch has already been discovered, it will be treated as cheating and you will be disqualified as such. All input on the rules is considered, so please offer your thoughts! The Official List of Competitors v1.2.0 DroppedYourPocket (2191 - 7933 - 7696) - Shulk [underwear] Mr.Hatty (1461 - 6708 - 0572) - Pac Man GoldenGhost (3454 - 2259 - 8402) - Duck Hunt Gamefemale (2320 - 6681 - 7010) - Sonic [Purple] TURRET_100 (4012 - 4993 - 0501) - Mr. Game & Watch Turkey (1418 - 7737 - 8450) - Robin [Pink-haired female] SaltOnToast (4742 - 5822 - 8412) - Mega Man Boggle_Plays_Chicken (4038 - 6331 - 9328) - Bowser Jr. [iggy] MorgLikesGames (1891 - 1668 - 7887) - Ness [Menu] Abz2141 (2079 - 6290 - 4792) - Zero Suit Samus Chris (0946 - 2724 - 5736) - Ike [Purple/Black] MisterrQuentin (2380 - 4124 - 1826) - Sheik True213 (2294 - 5231 - 8001) - Rosalina + Luma I can't play Mother 3 (5327 - 1434 - 3513) - Greninja [shiny] (The bracket will be created on the day of the tournament, and sign-ups will be allowed until Saturday October 11 at 11:59 PM.) Use this topic for discussion on the tournament, including offering suggestions for the rules, signing up for the tournament, making changes to your reserved character, or just trash-talking. If you want to sign up, please include: - the character you want to play as in the tournament - any alt costume for your character that you want to reserve (optional) - your 3DS friend code
  11. EDIT: Tournament is now over! Here are the winners: Watch live: BattleBlock Theater hit One Million leader board entries today! (Huzzah XBLA & Steam community!) Add that with the World Cup excitement and we’ve got a fitting time to hold our first BattleBlock Theater Steam Ball Game Tournament! Anyone 13 or older can register and we’ll be accepting up to 60 registrations before July 9th. All registrants must be available on July 10th between 9AM-5PM for a qualifying audition round (don’t worry, we’ll schedule a slot with you ahead of time!) and available for the entire Tournament period of 3PM-5:30PM on July 16, 2014. The grand prize will be a mystery prize + some awesome BattleBlock Theater merchandise. Mystery prize will be revealed on our live Twitch stream of the Tournament on July 16, 2014 — so even if you don’t join the tournament, make sure you mark your calendars to watch! For those of you who are interested in registering, get all the info on the official BattleBlock Theater Steam Ball Game Tournament page HERE.
  12. Let's make this short and sweet, I've lost two skylanders tournaments in the final round to a guy that used Ninjini. Who can I use to deal enough damage and keep from being stun-locked by Ninjini?
  13. Guest

    Castle Crasher Tournament

    i want to join the tournament
  14. I haven't seen a topic about adding others as friends for arena and/or story mode. In the last couple months I have been playin CC with my gf only to find that the online arena mode wasn't too competitive let alone getting someone to join your match. About a week and half ago I was so close to the 40 wins and got smashed by "insert name here." I had no idea you could juggle like that when madbestkiller completely destroyed me. I learned to juggle and found myself pretty good and took wins of these top players who I never saw until that day After the tornament is over I expect the majority of players not to be on as often, but I would like to continue playing you guys. Everyone knows the feeling of waiting for someone to join and get someone with 0 games played and pick Beefy. Treasure or Quickdraw... Anyway I wanted to make a list of people who would like to add their gamer tag to this post so that we can continue to play once in a while when some of us are on. TLDR; making a list of people for online arena battles for and after the tournament. - xbox gamer tag xSaviorselfx Xbox 360 list xSaviorselfx True Konquest Reliable Random Shnoggle v3 kptn howdy Fuzziskii slippy5 FlabCaptain Gamefemale