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Found 18 results

  1. I missed BOOM! last month and I've been wanting him for a while, since he was recent I'd say a fair price is 200 gems, yeah? If that ain't enough for you, we can negotiate. Also been yearning for Cat Control. I loved the look of the playable cat characters in the very first BattleBlock Theater trailer, but since they were cut I figure Cat Control is the next best thing Price can be negotiated at time of trade. Gamertag: Donut Fun
  2. Welcome to the new, official... Hooshmand ~The Wise!~ Thread!!! Here you can: -Discuss the head -Trade with others for the head -Name offers -Say if you have him or not -Etc. Rules: -No begging -No hate comments because you don't have it Have fun! Enjoy yourself!
  3. Hello My GT is Pratt dog20 I am on xbox360 and I am looking for the cecil starhead willing to buy it for 350 gems if interested send request and message saying deal also I will be doing starhead giveaway when I get all starheads if you give me the cecil you may end up getting it or even more heads back ________________________________________________________________________________________ P.S NOTE ALL TRADES ARE RECORDED FOR MONITERING PURPOSES TO PREVENT HACKERS GLITCHERS AND SCAMMERS! ________________________________________________________________________________________ Will Also throw in 21 yarn ________________________________________________________________________________________ GT Pratt dog20
  4. I have very few star heads. I got the game during the cyber monday deal, and therefore have missed most of them. I was hoping to widen my collection by trading with some of you who have extras. I currently have the following: Scuba Steve x 6 FBI x 6 Santa x 6 King x 5 Monster x 5 Castle Crashers x2 1453 gems 371 Yarn I am sure the gem amount will gradually go up since I play often enough. These are also the ONLY star heads I have, so I need every other one. Message me on here or Xbox Live if you have any and would like to trade. I more or less trust this guide as well for prices. GT: dchh1427 Thank you!!!
  5. I have every single head except for those two and I will pay anything except for heads for those two. GT: Atropurpureum
  6. Since the day I had access to the Steam Community Market, I've been getting whatever trading cards I don't have and crafting badges. Because of the process, I've been getting coupons for games I want and don't want. I'm here to offer the ones I don't want. The coupons are for the following games: X3: Reunion - 90% off Gorky 17 - 66% off Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood - 50% off Twin Sector - 50% off God Mode - 25% off If you want any of these, you might want to hurry because my coupons will expire next Sunday. Edit: I also have Killing Floor Guest Pass if anyone wants it. X3 coupon and Guest Pass taken.
  7. I currently have every head that is available (Near entirely thanks to Backup Sidekick) but I am missing the Tiny Monkey Head. I have multiple options of trading for it: Cat Control King Monster Castle Crashers Scuba Steve Meebs Barbarian Cecil FBI Agent 1 FBI Agent 2 And the newest one with 3 eyes that I can't remember the name of. I also have a butt hole load of gems. My gamertag is dchh1427 Please let me know and thank you! :]
  8. Hi, I need that two weapons. I have all but not them, so, go! GT: XBOX Dawid2001 EDIT: I got this! I will give it to you. :3
  9. Srry, im kinda poor, just wondering if anyone is willing to trade. GT:BrassShot
  10. Hello there! I'm looking to trade my Alien and Castle Crasher heads for other special heads that I don't have, those are... Gerard Lava Lamp Cat Control Toast Winston Furbottom Behemoth Chicken The ones I do have are... Tiny Monkey Steam Roll Victim #1 Wheels Man Birth Donut Rose Sausage Duck Shark 25% Off Prisoner BLOCKeteer Siren So if you are willing to trade me, reply to this post and let me know or even message me on Xbox Live. Gamertag: DylanSmithies And remember, buckle your pants.
  11. I currently have 49,900 gems exactly I'm offering 4.5k - 7.5k gems I have been scammed in multiple attempts to get winston so I signed up here to try and get one. I currently have every head in the game except winston so this is a serious offer. If you have it I would prefer you to add me on xbox asap but you can just message me on here for more info. **NOTE** I will offer more gems if you want more, gems are nothing to me I have all heads that you can buy unlocked GT: Uwii UPDATE It being national dog day winston is being given out so this is no longer an active offer PLEASE CLOSE THIS TOPIC!
  12. Ok, so I know many battleblock collectors have been looking for this head... So I am willing to trade any amount of gems, and any star heads. It is the only star head I am missing, and maybe we could work something out with an exchange in another game such as borderlands 2 or something. Please leave a reply, or message me on xbox. Gamertag: Czorz
  13. Hi, Im trading 3 for catcontrol, lava-lamp, and toast. If your interested, send me a message, GT:BrassShot. Terms: I will record it. I get heads on first trade, you're allowed to record it too if you have hack threats I wont trade with a hacker
  14. Just wondering if anyone wants to trade the chicken head, Ill trade yarn and gems, not other star heads, mosly because im collecting them.
  15. GT: Imma Vajazzle U So these are the 2 heads I want the most. I'll trade gems, yarn, weapons, heads for it. I can even help with any achievements since I have all of those already especially insane co-op which really wasn't difficult.
  16. Ok so I went on vacation for about 2 weeks and I missed out on the manbirth head. It's the only one I don't have. Will someone please give it to me?
  17. I've bought all the weapons, as I'm sure a lot of people have, and I've just been hoarding all my yarn since. On occasion, I can find someone who'll take my yarn in exchange for a few gems, but that's all I've been able to do with it other than mount it all up. Maybe in future there could be a few more weapons to buy, or some heads that can only be ought with yarn or something. It's just kind of annoying when I have to bother collecting it for A++ when I can't actually spend it on anything.