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Found 1 result

  1. So just this morning I was in this before school program helping kids, and some 1st graders were playing the pokemon card game. I got bored so I taught them the real way to play using energy cards,retreat costs,etc. One kid asked about energy cards so I asked to look through his deck and show him the different kinds. While flipping through. Something caught my eye. It was just a normal Vullaby did average damaged attacks, what you'd expect from a basic card. All professional looking with copyright, illustrators name. The kid told me that was his best card. A little confused until I looked at the HP which was at 5000. I told him it's a fake card and told him when you play it just take out 2 zeros and make it 50. So anyway, was it fake, real, if it was fake, the guy who made it put a lot of time into it, or was it some kind of misprint?