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Found 3 results

  1. Whats your favorite head? Hopefully nobody talks about the m**th head
  2. Hello BattleBlock Theater community, I just got BBT Steam edition, and I have had a lot of fun with it, but I just made a full playlist, and I have been trying to upload it. I read up a little on this, and I have made a backup in case something happens. I have also made sure that all of the levels match up (first 9 levels are normal levels, the last 5 are time trials, and the very last level is a secret level). I made sure that there is a secret level portal in one of the levels and everything. I make sure I'm connected to steam, and then I hit upload, and it asks if it is a coop or a singleplayer playlist, and then it asks me to name the playlist, which I assume is normal; but then when it's all done, it says 'The upload did not succeed. Please try again later'. It has done this every time I try and upload. I even tried it on different user accounts on my computer, and then another computer altogether, and it still wont upload. Please help! Thanks, ~Ahnock~
  3. So basically, I want to get a gaming PC. I have been playing on Steam a lot lately, and all of my friends are talking about all the epic stuff on PC too, so now I want one. The only problem is that I have no idea where to start. My plan is to get one sometime over the summer, either buy building it myself somehow or by just buying one normally. Like I said before, I have no idea where to start. My price range is probably between $800-$1300, and I really don't want a laptop. If anyone who has had a PC or has one now, if you could please just recommend brands and such that would really help me out a lot. I'm probably going to be asking my friends about this stuff too, so I'll update my 'progress' as it happens. Sorry if any of this is vague, but I know almost nothing about PCs or their parts. That is where you come in.