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Found 12 results

  1. I create levels and stuff on BBT and have fun doing so. I'm pretty good at it (not like 8Bitten though) and I've been fed up with a few other games, so haven't been building as much as I should, but will eventually get back to it. I think I should take a small step forward since I've had these levels in my bio for a while and havent said anything about them. I felt like making some kind of public creation journal so everyone can see what I'm making if they really are interested. So here's a few pics of my upcoming playlists Selgnirp and KaizoBlock. -Selgnirp -KaizoBlock I would take pictures of the full screen but I only have an ipad to take pics with, and that makes the files way too big to post, so yay... But yeah. I'll hopefully upload Selgnirp soon, and KaizoBlock will take some time to test and upload. I'll say when I'm done and have uploaded them though
  2. I missed BOOM! last month and I've been wanting him for a while, since he was recent I'd say a fair price is 200 gems, yeah? If that ain't enough for you, we can negotiate. Also been yearning for Cat Control. I loved the look of the playable cat characters in the very first BattleBlock Theater trailer, but since they were cut I figure Cat Control is the next best thing Price can be negotiated at time of trade. Gamertag: Donut Fun
  3. Recently, a family member broke my Xbox. We're getting a new power box to fix and so I was wondering. Will all of my previous still be on my account?
  4. When the clock struck 7:13 EST(in all it's irony), a playlist by the name of 2spooky was released into the wilds of Battleblock Theater, to be played, liked, and possibly disliked by prisoners and cats alike everywhere. It's a simple arena playlist, with Halloween color schemes... ...mostly, anyways. There's one level called Cold and Dark, which isn’t really dark. But because 2014's Halloween is a particularly chilly one, at least for Kentucky, I created a level mostly consisting of ice and white rocks. It's a ball playlist. And there's a glacier-gun cat. Can't forget the glacier-gun cat. I'll just name the levels, give you my GT, and you can go from there. Actually, I've forgotten the names already. In other words, I've forgotten part of the first one and I feel like I should have the whole set. My GT is MeltedCow (though you've probably already deduced that part) and uh, go knock out your Halloween night if you live in the middle of nowhere like me. Have fun, kids, and make sure to remember stranger danger; always be near a parent or guardian when trick or treating (or checking your candy... If you live in a somewhat shady neighborhood, that is.) Go along now, but I advise against playing while stuffing your face with Hershies or whatever. Oh, and don't expect the greatest playlist ever. The idea came to me late, and the playlist fared only a little better. It needed to be released on Halloween.
  5. Just this weekend, you guys updated Furbottom's Features during some sort of XBLA maintenance. It's been a few days since then, and Furbottom's Features still hasn't seemed to update yet. Is it because this maintenance is still ongoing or something? It doesn't seem like it is. Is this because of my Xbox?
  6. Anyone can enter and here are the rules! : - Quiting will result in a disqualification - I will be refferee unless I am playing in that round where someone else will ref - Any weapon is allowed exept Snuggle Bubbler weapons. Zane can still play though - Best 2 out of 3 - Add your gamertag in your post - Day will be either the 20th, or 21st or (most likely) both - Time will be roughly 5:25 - 9:30ish PST - I will post the winners and losers of each round in this topic - (If you can, will Morg make the banners like the Smash Tournament?) - Side-basketing may or may not be aloud - I will accept 16 or so competiters Have fun, and get training!
  7. As of 10:23 pm PTS on 10/19/14, Hall of Pain is now out! Featuring 15 Arena levels to kill your friends in! 5 Ball Game, 2 CTW, 3 Muckle, 1 Soul Snatcher, 2 CTH, 2 Grab the Gold, 15 fun! I began this playlist in the middle of summer before the contest and had fun making it. Have fun and I will be hosting games of it every day! Hall of Pain Now In a Theater near you Have fun killing your friends!
  8. The results are in! After we went through over 90 playlists made by the community (good job to everyone!), our judges have finished selecting the winner of the Arena Playlist Creation Contest for both Steam and XBLA. Winners will be contacted via email so we can send them an autographed Hatty Hattington bust and their playlists will be featured this week in BattleBlock Theater! Without further ado…here is the winner for XBLA and honorable mentions, with descriptions by Mase and our level design crew: XBLA Winner Arcadia by MeltedCow Bang for your buck — that’s what this playlist offers its players. Many of the levels in this playlist feel like two levels in one! Switches, paths and judicious use of clever block placement generate levels that can evolve and change as you play or offer great risk/reward benefits as you decide which paths to take. Be sure to check out the final stage in this playlist where you can adjust your difficulty, strategy and even your score objective. It’s the ultimate expression of this particular concours ultimate playlist! Honorable Mentions HEY LOOK HERE by TxC Artist Fancy some King-of-the-Soul-Snatcher-Hill? How ‘bout trying this here Grab-the-Horse-Gold. One of the great secrets of the level editor of BattleBlock Theater is that you can combine the scoring mechanisms from other game modes by simply placing them in your game type. This creator discovered the secret and crafted a great revelation through the level editor. Creating levels for just a single game mode can be difficult enough, but this playlist has great options for your combination game type needs! CaptureTheDuck by LevelDesignGuy LevelDesignGuy created a new game mode within our humble yet powerful level editor and then managed to make 15 fantastic stages for it. This Furbottom’s Feature veteran managed a spectacular display of his understanding and intimacy with the mechanics of BattleBlock Theater. A fantastic demonstration of how far you can push the Battleblock Theater level editor! Congrats to the winners! We’ll be featuring the honorable mentions in the future, but you can play them now if you go to the Community Theater. For this week, we’re featuring the winning playlists and giving BattleBlock Theater players a special unlock befitting of this occasion: Purrham Furbottom! All you’ll need to do is load up the game and go to an online area to unlock this gentleman. (Now, go play this Arena Feature! The designer worked hard on them and deserves your audience participation. Go on now…)
  9. [4/11/2014] Team Power: the Fossil Fuel of Tomorrow. Literally. For some reason, cooperation and grim death seem to go hand-in-hand in BattleBlock Theater. Well, maybe not "grim" death: I know a few cats who'd agree that some prisoner's make the funniest face when they explode. COOP Feature Team Power by o0oLEAFYo0o Luckily for you actors out there, this week's entry is the exception to the rule: if death is a bigger part of the production than is desired, you should probably go out and find yourself a less murdery partner. Or, your partner might want to go out and find a less murdery you. Still, even the most pleasing of partners will have a tough time getting this performance down perfectly: I dare you to get all A++'s on what o0oLEAFYo0o has on offer. Based on my experience, my first tip is to choose a partner who isn't me. So what tripped me up, you ask? Well, let's just say that some berries are pickier about being picked than others, which is frustrating because you just gotta know that those are the tastiest ones. You'll also have trigger laden puzzles aplenty begging for your attention, and while some playlists are flagged as cooperative for reasons unknown, Team Power is waving that cooperation flag like it's only one Bridge Block bridge away from a safe place to tinkle. I hope you enjoy this week's offering; while your power-team powers through Team Power, my team will be powering up the BattleBlock Theater arcade here at PAX East 2014! 8 (wait, 8?!) BattleBlock Theater cabinets are here this year, not to mention the Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers and Super Soviet Missle Mastar machines! You can never have too much power, especially when BattleBlock Theater things go BOOM! Making it's comeback to the Theater, we are re-releasing BOOM! to those who finish either the solo or co-op Furbottoms Features this week! Don't miss out on getting this prisoner unlock because it's the bomb (har har).
  10. Five years ago, we released our second game title: Castle Crashers. It started off on Xbox LIVE, then a couple years later it was on PlayStation, and most recently we joined the Steam community. Thanks to the support of our fans we were able to reach over 4 million downloads across the three different platforms since 2008! It has both motivated and allowed us to continue pursuing our dream of making original content for games. For the super fans of Castle Crashers and our recently released Xbox LIVE title, BattleBlock Theater, we have unlocked a special prisoner just for you! This spottiest of animal orbs is being released into the puzzling world of BBT: That's right, it's Giraffey! All you have to do to get him is sign in to Xbox LIVE and boot up your full version of BattleBlock Theater. Once you’re in the game, click around a bit in the menus and Giraffey should unlock for you. Our devblog announcement post is here!
  11. Hear ye, Hear ye! We call volunteers for our BattleBlock Theater Closed Beta Test! We have 10,000 fresh backstage passes and we're not afraid to give them out!! Do you want one? Can you smell it? Does this delight you? Are you not entertained? Will you sit idly by and watch as your friends do battle amongst each other!? - Cue the important information : This is a closed beta. EDIT: Beta testing will start February 28, 2013. You must be at least 13 years old to participate. Under 18? Then you’ll need to have your parents help with registration. Registrants must have the following: A working Xbox 360 with a reliable internet connection, Xbox LIVE Gold Account and a Behemoth forums account. Individuals should register after reading all documents under Required Reading and be sure that they can fulfill the Prerequisites. 10,000 registrants will be selected to participate. Registration is ongoing until all beta codes have been distributed. Are you interested? Okay! Here's what I require from your person: You will need to read all the documents in the required reading section and be able to fulfill the prerequisites to qualify; check out all the beta details and fill out the registration form HERE. 2013 will be the year of BattleBlock Theater! Or BattleBlock Theatre! If that's your flavour. P.S. Anyone registering a new forum account will not be able to change their profiles right away. "Users fall under the new registration group permissions until you have made three approved posts. We limit the features for new registrations to prevent spammers from flooding the forums with advertisements. Newly registered users will be able to reply to topics, but the post will not be visible until a moderator has approved the post. Once you have three approved posts, the system will automatically change your group permission to the active member permissions. Members are able to post, create threads, create polls, vote on polls, use private messages and change their profile & signature."
  12. Hi All, It's been a while since we posted up some news on the forums. We'll be doing our official blog post in just a few minutes, but wanted to share some exciting news with you first! Since its debut in 2008, Castle Crashers has had a steady increase of fans and leaderboard numbers on XBLA. We’re excited about our upcoming 3 million leaderboard milestone, which is why we’ve decided to bring back… With all these millions of people playing Castle Crashers… many have asked for another chance to show up other players and prove that they have the unparalleled skillz, the bestest combos, the most awesome attacks. Finally, we will yet again know: Who is the best Castle Crashers Arena Fighter in all the world? To be eligible for the tournament you have to be in the top 100 Weekly Ranked Arena players on the Castle Crashers leaderboards at noon (PST) on August 17, 2012. You will have all that week to battle amongst yourselves to claim those spots. The top 100 will compete in 1 on 1 Arena matches, in a single elimination tournament format on Saturday August 25th, until we have a victor! You have less than 2 weeks to hone your skills before the tournament begins, so get to it! Check out This Page for prizes, full rules and contest info!! Updates to be posted on the development blog.