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Found 2 results

  1. Congratualations Chuckola Films! All 3 of you now have +1,000 likes! (I did Grant's 1000!) Not only is getting 1,000 posts hard, but 1,000 likes?!?!?!? That is AMAZING. That means over 3,000 times, someone clicked 'Like' for y'all. Well, congrats for being the first 3! And that you are all in Chuckola Films! How coincidental! Wonder who will be the 4th? Great Job You Guys! - Cat Guard/Michael
  2. (spoilers, this is purposely bad) One day in Donkey Kong Country, DK woke up and was strolling around and drinking from his Donkey Koffee. When suddenly he nearly had a heart attack at the site of his Donkey Bannana pile was replaced with Donkey Apples. His face was indescribable but looked kinda like this. Donkey Kong then put on his Donkey Tie and went on a Donkey 'venture to find the epic dark mage who used his powers to convert his Donkey Bananas. It took many days and his fartner in crime Diddy Kong died on the 5th day from an Donkey Ambush from Kritter assassins. DK swore his life to carry out his wishes and left a single banana on Diddy's grave. But finally, after months, Donkey Kong finally met Queen L Tool, King K Rool's gender swap who was Donkey Pregnant with Donkey Kong's Donkey Baby. She took out an DPG(Donkey Propelled Grenade) and started firing wildly, but DK's ninja skills came in handy when he matrixed away from the missles. All was well until Dustrial Kong, A total original character who was not just a recolor of Donkey Kong, dropped a nuke from the space to destroy all planets and blow up the Donkey Sun. Donkey Kong did a super jump grabbed the Donkey Nuke and Donkey Punched it and sacrificed himself for the good of Donkey Country. In his will, DK gave his slot in Smash 4 to Bandana Dee who then bacame a superstar mafia boss and sent his assassins to end all communism from the evil Donkey Grant. Moral: