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Found 5 results

  1. Can we start the spread of the achievement??
  2. As of May 15, 2013 a the Jail Breaker** achievement can be obtained. Also Sidebasketing has been patched for Ball Game. **if you have all the prisoners just trade one of your heads and repurchase it and you will earn the achievement.
  3. Official Response from The Behemoth: We have confirmed that the Jail Breaker achievement not unlocking is an issue that will require a fix from The Behemoth, and apologize for any difficulties or frustrations this may have caused anyone. We are currently looking into possible fixes and a timeline. Thanks everyone for your patience on this issue! ---- There are reports of several players around various gaming communities that it seems nobody is able to unlock the achievement for freeing 50 prisoners at this point. Is this something you are aware of and/or have a fix for?
  4. Dear sirs, and madams!? So this is more of a question for the behemoth crew then a remark about the game but. THE GAME IS AWESOME!? thanks. I Love The voiceover in the cutscenes . So on to the serious stuffs and whatnot, I played the game for quite a few hours now. And I noticed I have more than 50 heads unlocked, but the Jail Breaker achievement did not trigger for me . Also I played all the variants of story mode, but could not get the Cast Member Reward, which is a major shame since i really want the Hatty hat on my avatar . What up with this Behemoth? I have to make a note that i played in the beta, deleted all the crap like you said but the real game took my profile like it sjwass and put my already gotten heads and weapons onto my game when i first started it. this might be the reason that the game is not triggering the achievements. CAN YOU HELP ME POLEASE? cheers, Pauly
  5. Can someone help me get the arena trophy for psn castle crashers? I need 39. If you help me, I'll help you. Since Arena is dead, might as well ask here. Psn: yourname101. I CANNOT host, you must be able to. Sorry about that...