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Found 3 results

  1. Had to use imgur since my tablet doesn't like me to put pictures any other way. This is my first try.
  2. Had to use imgur since my tablet doesn't like me to put pictures any other way. This is my first try. Edit: double posted, will try to remove this one.
  3. First off I am loving some of these playlists you guys have made. The online community is pretty active and it seems like they are rating playlists pretty fairly. The Furbottom's Features have been fun to complete but I wonder what are the criteria for selection minus the obvious (15 stages, obtainable A++ rankings etc). I have 3 playlists uploaded but I only really stand by 2 as the first was a little too difficult and the pacing was off. GT: Mocity Gangsta Solo Playlist: Adventure Time Coop Playlist: Inception I realized I left out the pie in my bonus stage in the "Inception" playlist so that may disqualify me from being featured but my solo playlist is corrected and updated. "Adventure Time" is the same as "Inception" minus the coop parts. Poison bubbles and darts can change the original planned route between some stages but by no means does it break the game. Hopefully people will see what my intentions were as you will get the most out of the stage that way, but as I said above darts and bubbles can get you out of situations where you may feel you are stuck. For example on the stage "Moon Jumper" my intention is to launch you with the hadouken orbs the cats are throwing but you can use darts to make the climb as well. The community seems to enjoy my playlists and I received a few msgs online with some thumbs up. "Inception" is listed as top 3 under top rated for the week. Anyways there's not so much puzzle solving but rather just simple fun platforming. My goal was to make each stage themed to some degree. Admittedly I got kinda lazy towards the end and just reused some stages as my encores but I figured most people will only play until the finale anyways. If you have already played either or both of these I appreciate your ratings and feedback. If you haven't played them please check them out. I promise one out of the nine stages will leave a lasting impression of what can be done in this amazing game.