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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone! I have noticed a recent influx of signatureless, avatarless users! And that's great! I bet we're going to have some more around as BBT/SteamCC releases draw closer and closer! And it'd be a sad display if these users were to find themselves in a crowd of sad, avatarless, signatureless posts. Well fret not! I, Scarabix, will take it on myself to design a unique signature and/or avatar for each person who will demand one! Absolutely free! Requests accomplished so far: Rules: These signatures may be made in MSPaint, GIMP, MURO or Actual paper sketches, according to the requests. You can demand as many signatures/avatars as you want, but only up to two at a time! You may demand anything you want, however I will not be held responsible if your newfound avatar/signature is deemed offensive by the moderation team. Every single request will be considered. Every single one of them. You can specify what you want in your picture. You may not credit me. athough these are 100% free, I wouldn't refuse potential donations in the form of anything steam. My steam profile can be found here :